New Big Thief

Anyone got another link for this?

Stuck on Instrumentals whilst cooking/subsequently eating a belated breakfast with the sliding door in our lounge open to hear the rain and felt like I was existing in a small slice of heaven. That first side has to be some of the most beautiful music recorded to disc. What a Sunday album.


Bigger Thief


Fuckin hell Lenker’s prolificacy knows no bounds eh

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Bet they play none of the songs on the album on tour and only play the 30 that they have decided not to release.


Great news :+1:

Figured it might be a double LP given how prolific they are and how different Little Things sounded to the other two.

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I get the impression that basically all Lenker does is sit around with her guitar making songs, they must have like 50 to learn every time they get together :joy:


Spud Infinity would be a good name for a 24hr round the clock chippy.


Baked Potato kiosk surely

Oh amazing that song is finally getting recorded, it’s always a beast live


The interview (via the Reddit post they linked to lol)

that bottom section made me think they’d worked with Neil Young! if only …

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think i’m not gonna listen to any more tracks now

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Definitely feels like overkill with at least 3 months to go eh?

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one brilliant song and two very solid ones so far (wait, is this the Self Esteem thread?) is plenty for me, keep the album fresh plz

Normally I would feel the same but we are getting 20 songs at least next year so I can handle four.


Not a fan?

This one sounds like earlier big thief, really like the chorus hook. Into it.


Bit of chatter in one of the FB groups tonight that the album’s called ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain Believe In You" and is out on February 11th