New Big Thief

Isn’t it a line from ‘anything’? on Adrianne’s solo record?

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Apparently so! It’ll be interesting to see if it’s a full band reworking :thinking:

They’ve already pulled it so must be under embargo a little while longer

Probably 6 o’clock

And there it is


Available for pre-order!

Pre ordered from Piccadilly £1 cheaper and can pickup on my lunch. Glad I didn’t buy those 4 tracks that they have put out throughout the year.

Ooh this is good, quite a departure

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Holy moly, I love that. What a band. Brilliant, brilliant band.


That fucking title though. Awful.


At least one new song was played last night. Maybe more I need to dig a little deeper

here’s a vid of when Once a Buncha Times debuted a couple of months back. I love it. It’s very very John Prine.


must … not … listen … just 3 months to the album!

This latest one’s so good that I had a ‘fuck it’ moment last night and listened to all 5 of the preview tracks on repeat for about an hour.

I don’t think this band’s capable of anything less than an 8/10 album at this point.


ah fine, fuck it. I only remember the first two of the released songs particualrly well, add this in and it’s just 3 off a whole double album which is fiiine

wait I 100% recognise elements of this, does it incorporate elements of an older/solo track?

oh played it at the last Glasgow gig, lovely stuff! still can’t believe they pulled off playing something like 5 new tracks at that show

brilliant song. Enjoy the “two hands clapping” line too, given it didn’t even feature on that album! I’m sure I’ve come across that before, songs that feel like they should be title tracks but are actually on differently earlier/later albums


I’ll be honest lads, none of these have really grabbed me so far

^ in the pocket of Small Thief