New Big Thief


I… can’t say I do :wink:

This is by far their darkest and heaviest record, but it’s also probably their loosest. That said, they’ve always had elements of that. I’d work your way backwards (I’d also listen to Adrianne Lenker’s solo album from last year if you don’t know it because it seems to have directly informed U.F.O.F)


I’m just loving this album. It’s had me in tears, even though I don’t understand any of the lyrics. Reminds me a lot of early Stina Nordenstam, vocally and musically.


Aha! (Partridge moment) Stina Nordenstam - I knew it reminded me of something (big fan of Dynamite). Glad somebody else can be moved by just a melody (I often don’t give lyrics the attention they deserve)…


I still feel like i’m missing something. I’m just not clicking with this at all.

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Looking forward to tomorrow night. Cup final then album of the year at the best venue in the country.


Weezer covers album at The Good Ship?


Yeah think so far that it’s fairly dull. Much preferred Capacity and Abysskiss. Hoping it grows on me


Betsy is great. Like the deeper vocals and the guitar on that one.


It’s grown on me loads but I still prefer plugged-in rocky Big Thief to acousticy Big Thief.

Century sounds like Turin Brakes.


Everyone… this is their 3rd album in less years. Each one has been different and better in different ways than the previous


You can try mine if you want - i won’t use it? I haven’t tried it on the site but worth a go if they haven’t got back to you. let me know and i’ll PM it…


I’ve got it sorted, thanks.

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Yeah there’s lots I like about their acoustic sound but I still like the more immediate ones (UFOF, Cattails) over the especially dark, almost dirgey ones


Bloody lovely gig. Seemed to play surprisingly little of the new album. No ufof, cattails or jenni. That voice though, christ, just absolutely captivating and beautiful. The guitarist played a solo acoustic track while adrienne was tuning that was also really good. Crake (terrible name) supporting were decent too if anyone is catching the tour


Just backing up how good that Adrianne Lenker solo album is - bloody lovely



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Bit of a shame if that trend continues throughout the tour.


Looking at the set lists it’s been changeling every night. Looked like the band were mostly deciding what to play as they went along


Bored Sunday poll - 5 fav Big Thief songs. I think for me:

Mythological Beauty
Real Love

Interstate is the one I feel worst about leaving out.


That’s fair enough. Quite nice when the set list is a total surprise like that.