New Bjork record!


Lot of hot takes in this thread. It’s absolutely obvious that this is a record you are going to need to live with for a while before you can properly appreciate it.


Absolutely agree with this. Only on my first listen but cannot imagine listening to it without being able to concentrate on it fully.


It’s definitely too long, and a couple of songs could have been lost (Sue Me, Features Creatures) but it’s also a bit of a masterpiece.


Yeah Sue Me is by far my least favourite at the moment. Opening and closing tracks are incredible


The beginning and end of the record are both superb. Sags a bit in the middle (I know how it feels).


yeah that’s how i feel at the minute. tracks 1-5 are perfect and i wouldn’t change a thing. features creatures is the first one where i’m like ehh.


There’s a point when I start checking the track list to see how far it’s got to go, and that point is always halfway through Sue Me. It does pick up though - the last few songs are wonderful.


Comfortably about 7 or 8 listens in now, it’s really lovely. Despite the length I think it’s more immediate than Vulnicura. Arisen My Senses is probably her best opening song since Vespertine.


That little run of Losss, Sue Me & Tabula Rasa was a highlight for me on the first few listens.


I love Tabula Rasa. Still finding Sue Me hard work. The rest of it is wonderful though. That last song…


for me its like walking thru the Palm House in Kew Gardens, except you’re not in Kew Gardens, you’re on one of Saturns moons or something and its warm and light and lush and there are strange monkey cat creatures cooing at you from the alien jungle brush framing the ‘path’. it should probably come with a warning that ‘there are no songs here’ but i’m not fussed. super lovely stuff.



I shall not be listening to this album but this comment did make me laugh


i like this record it is good


It’s pretty good, aye. Chop it down to 10-11 tracks and it’d deffo be in my top 5 Björk records.


I’ve just finished listening to it again. You’re right, it’s really, really, really good.


I’m with you both on this. Looking forward to getting to know it properly over the coming years. :slight_smile:


I’m yet to listen to this but I’ve downloaded it:


enjoying the RnB-ness of this first remix


finally starting to get my brain around Utopia. Definitely feels like being in a hyper-real alien land (like at the start of the video for The Gate)