New Bjork record!


I keep coming back to it to put Arisen My Senses on and then get completely pulled in.


What kind of set does anyone think she’ll play at All Points East?


Arca’s beats are so amazing as a backdrop, really dynamic and organically flowing around. And then the flute textures are wonderful and give it a character unlike anything else I’ve heard


Yeah his beat’s are great but I do kinda hope that she doesn’t work with him as a producer on the next record. Those flute and string arrangements are as strong as ever though.


from what I remember whenever she tours its mainly her latest album plus maybe 6-7 classic songs - 1 or 2 each from other albums :man_shrugging: shes not toured this one yet though so dunno


Thanks. Wasn’t expecting her to play so many songs from previous records so bodes well.


Yeah, i’ve really gotten to grips with it in the last few weeks too. At first I thought it was great but all kinda blended into one, but recently individual tracks have really emerged - like Courtship, Losss and Claimstaker. All stunning.


Just noticed she played ‘hits’ for half of her set at FYF last Summer so maybe we’ll get this kind of gig at APE.


Don’t think this was supposed to be a reply to me? But that’s good! I’m seeing her at Primavera so hoping for a similar set list.


Sorry, I’m crap at navigating this site. Yeah, also at Primavera as it happens. Whilst I like her new record, hope that’s not all she plays on her new tour.


Finally got around to listening to this, was put off by the lengthy running time but I really enjoyed it. Flutes, weird animal noises, mp3s, what’s not to love? Did feel like the soundtrack to a strange musical at some points. Gonna go back to Vulnicura now, kinda slept on it when it got released for some reason