New Bjork record!


Really hope she goes with some of Jesse Kanda’s stuff for the album art.


Bit far mate. Production wise yes but not enough TUNES!


Enough with these endless delays!!! Release it already!!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :expressionless:


Ok guys no bumping until it’s out. Agreed?




is it out?!?!


It is not.


ooh you’re a devil




I didn’t like Volta, I felt largely indifferent towards Biophilia and I didn’t bother with Vulnicura at all. I’d have to be super bowled over by new material to get back on the Bjorkboard.


Vulcinara was already a significant improvement on either of those records


Is it out?


ffs listen to Vulnicura

(new one still isn’t out yet, eric)


Really dont get tge point in this day and age of being like album announcement!!! (at some unspecified date in the future. If it’s done just put it out, maaaaan.


yeah, really annoying whenever I have to just remember that an album is due at some point from someone I like. can’t deal with it.


Not sure if sarcasm but i agree anyway


nah, for real. I am an anxious person and I need certainty in my life!


I prefer reading about how people didn’t listen to the last album so may or may not listen to this new one


Ooh, ooh, me too.