New Bjork record!


So what do we know for sure, right now? I’m getting the impression that she did used to have a new album, but right now, no new album.


There’s a preorder up


One thing’s for sure, it’s not out yet.


I like the cover. Minimalist


In typical contrarian style, I picked up Vulnicura Strings. Black Lake is stunning.


it’s sublime. second half is a bit more difficult, but very rewarding.

*oh wait, hold on. no. go and get the full record now you know the strings are good, yeah?


Yeah, I’ll be picking up the original album. This is a massive leap upward from Volta and Biophilia imo. I think I just let my disappointment with both those records get the better of me, even knowing The Haxan Cloak and Arca’s involvement.


Vulnicura is a beaut… I absolutely love Notget.

Did anyone do the VR experience?


^ _ ^ ^ _ ^ ^ _ ^

a wrong has been righted


FFS guys


Yeah, it was fucking great. 4 Bjork’s on the beach :heart_eyes:

Spent a good couple of hours in the video room watching her back catalogue too.


new single out 18th


single sided vinyl £9 :sweat:


Is it out?!


At that price I CERTAINLY AM!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Fuck sake woman, just release the damn thing!


Is Bjork the new My Vitriol?


quite a good interview about the new alb + some lovely photos of her with stuff on her face



she must spend so much time in wardrobe and make-up. well boring be bjork i reckon