New Bjork record!


shut up, dumbo


Bit weirdly defensive


not really, was an incredibly silly thing to say


haha why? obviously true. not the bit about it being boring being bjork, obvs. only a needy internet dweeb would take that bit seriously


that’s literally the whole post


everyone reading this will see that that literally is the case and therefore you win


i agree, bjork is boring. let’s move on.


hmm you’re in a weird mood.


What happened to the warmthness in this thread eh?


it got stamped out by the “defend an idealised vision of bjork’s quality of life for some reason” police


is it out yet?


2nd August - ‘very soon’.

Don’t toy with me Bjork.


This says it’s out in November


Think they’ve got that wrong because November isn’t ‘very soon’.


Looks like we’re getting the new single early… as in tonight!


Link probably won’t last long, but it’s out there


definitely releasing it early for excitingness and warmthness reasons and not because it leaked :smiley:


Can’t say I loved it, it feels like shes gone back to there very minimal one layer of music copying the voice a lot of the time. I mean I really didn’t like biophilia and it might be a return to that style.


Dead already. Prob for the best as was gonna listen on shite headphones sitting in dominos waiting for my pizza while they pump out something really shit at an unbelievable volume.


It’s really lovely guys. I guess we’ll see how it sits in the context of the record but I don’t agree about it sounding like something from Biophilia. Those ascending synth notes sound more Verspertine era to these ears Clive.