New Bjork record!


confirmed, 24th nov:


I expect this will get posted in the Worst Album Artwork thread but I love it. Is that some kind of mystic horse foetus on her collar?


Think anyone who knows anything about Björk wouldn’t dare put her in that thread


Very apt cover for releasing on Halloween…


so overwhelmingly humble :smiley:


Sit down, be overwhelmingly humble


Well, the cover is undeniably bloody awful, but it’s bloody awful in the only way that makes sense with Björk. You get the notion that most people try and reign Kanda in a bit, but Björk is just basically ‘fuck it, go wild, rainbow space vaginas on my forehead, please’.




got a presale ticket for the sunday of all points east festival

chatty bellends i’ll just have to deal with (possibly by sitting literally inside a speaker)


and for some reason i can imagine bjork at a gig with shit sound would be better than most gigs with shit sound

might be as wrong as it’s possible to be with that tho




wow. just really…wow


I mean it’s Bjork isn’t it.


those vienetta shaped wings are pretty boss


this is sex without touching


Over 70 minutes long. Blimey.


Whelp, there’s my new desktop background.


Good Simpsons reference in here:


That’s not what I wanted to hear.


Oooh new track coming tomorrow: