New Bjork record!


sounds good, stripped down. proper treat for being up this late.


Nice track, quite meandering again though. Hope the whole album isnt like that.


Agreed. It’s pleasant enough without actually going anywhere.


Who thought you could write a lyric with the word mp3


Considering how long it is, it might well be!


Considering these two are her choices for ‘singles’…






Would absolutely love a nice tight 38min Björk pop record.


well prepare to be disappointed!


Quite like this new one, more so than The Gate.


can someone link or tell us where to listen to it please?


Dunno how long this will last. It’s on Spotify too (dunno about other streaming platforms innit).


ta very much! quite like Biophilia/Joanna Newsom this!


Yeah I’ve listened to it a few times now, there’s a lot more going on than I first thought.


Loads better than the first one IMHO


Haha, I know! But I mean at some point in the future, looking forward to hearing this one too. :slight_smile:


It’s nice.

But what happened to ‘this new album is going to be a right laugh’?


She’s just not going to ever release anything now that resembles a pop single is she.

I’m generally pro brevity but with those 2 songs in mind I’m excited for a longer record - bjork does musical suffocation and slow exhalation like no one else I can think of.