New Bjork record!


Arca’s production is wonderful! It’s sparse, delicate and reveals something new with each listen.


I hope you all like flutes!
Fucking loads of flutes!
And animal noises


i actually do love flutes


Then this is the album for you!


Didn’t even know she’d been playing the flute since she was a bairn.


Reading all the reviews, i’m getting the distinct feeling Utopia is going to be another Björk album with a whole bunch of interestingly made, but completely unmemorable music on it.


Gee you think?!


Sorry that was a bit harsh


You think?


:smiley: excellent implosion there


Pretty much my thoughts as I was listening to it. Bjork fans will love it - Bjork haters will hate it - It will change absolutely no-one’s mind about her or her music.


Not exactly a shocking outcome for a musician who has been around for over 20 years


To be fair, a lot of her recent albums have been pretty divisive amongst her fanbase. I can see this one being generally agreed upon as ‘one of the good ones’ though.


Are you guys actually listening to the album somewhere? Not showing up on Spotify for me yet.


nah i guess press copies are out. out tomorrow for us mere mortals.


I’ve not disliked anything she’s put out over the last 10 years, but equally I haven’t LOVED anything she’s done in that time period either. Vespertine will always be my favourite, but I still loved Medulla, and even Volta had some great moments on it. But Biophilia onwards, it still seems to me that something I used to connect with in her music has been lost.


ah I see.


believe it has leaked, so is obtainable by illegal means


i’ll wait for lossless :nerd_face:


The Independent gave it one star - doh!