New Bjork record!


Listened to it on Monday, and thought it was all very interestingly made and good for her for getting a load of shagging done, hope she’s having a great time, but really very little of it made me want to listen again. The last track is a bit of a banger though. I’d say I love all of her albums except for Volta and Biophilia, which I merely quite like, this one feels like I’m probably going to max out at about 5 listens in my entire lifetime. Somebody out there will think this is amazing, that somebody is not me. I mean, if there were less music in the world I’d probably give this some more time, but I’m just not really into it.


This may well be the first Björk record I don’t bother stumping up cash for. Never thought i’d see the day.


banging it on now. first track is absolutely lush.


Don’t think this is for me. I’ll stick to Homogenic and Vespertine.


It sounds nice overall I guess? But there’s not a single memorable thing on here, or worth much replay. Can’t imagine much of this will be particularly thrilling live either.


One listen down. It’s very meandering but there’s still a lot to love. Vulnicura took a while to click, I imagine this will be the same.


Really liked Arisen my senses but I’m currently 8 tracks in and I am very, very bored.


This was my initial impression too. The first track is great but it’s all a bit boring thereafter. The title track has what sounds like a crying kid in the background too? It’s all a bit of an anti-climax.


The last two I’ve thought “best since Vespertine” as soon as I heard them whilst not thinking they were groundbreaking or a return to form or anything. But this one I’m very very meh at the moment. Won’t give up on it though, might turn out to be one I love once I give it some time.


Third listen has been a lot better, but there’s just so much of it


i’ve listened to it in chunks which helps. thought it was gonna be a headphones album but i think it’d be better suited to being on loud in a big room. nice and floaty :blush:


some of it is proper magical. when courtship kicks in :heart_eyes:


Only had chance for one proper full listen and a couple of listens to some individual tracks but I have to say I thought it was wonderful on first listen - @ericthefourth description as ‘magical’ seems spot on.

Looks like I’m going to be out of touch with the general consensus on this but very positive initial impressions from me.


:grinning: I think that’s my favourite track on here so far.


Losss is a bit of a beast.


Pretty much every track:

0-1 mins: WOW! This sounds gorgeous!
1-2 mins: Loving this, Bjorkers is back!
2-4 mins: Okay…
4-8 mins: …it’s still happening and it hasn’t done anything


Totally agree with this assessment after one listen. The emotional core of Vulnicara made it more engaging to get into though.


few tracks in…it’s a bit like listening to some cutting edge opera. Very transportative but feel like I need some guidance to understand what’s going on.


Could live without ‘Features Creatures’ but that aside think this album is wonderful.

I don’t think anything could possibly hit the emotional depths of Vulnicura but this feels like an incredible record in its own right - streams and moss and leaves unfurling for the dew to Vulnicura’s tectonic shifts and volcanoes.


New Bjork I love you, but you’re bringing me down

(not listened to it yet)