New Black Marble (FFO: John Maus, prozacwave)



Probably not to everyone’s tastes but I’m a fan of these guys. Minimalist, gothy, downbeat synth wave. Elements of Suicide and John Maus. Niggling little melodies that creep up on you with every listen.


I quite liked A Different Arrangement, looking forward to this!


Really like this! Thanks for the recommendation.

I was listening to John Maus the other day and I was wondering if there was any news on a new album?


yeah ADA was pretty great! this one is slightly more upbeat/lighter I would say


no worries!

there seems to be not much news at all about John Maus, which is a bit sad. I heard small rumours that he’d had some sort of breakdown, but I don’t know if that’s true. i think considering his ethos and way of performing it wouldn’t be entirely surprising that he’d had some kind of issue.


That’s a real shame to hear if that’s true! But I can certainly understand, his live shows certainly are intense. Seeing him a couple of years back at Scala was weirdly quite euphoric.