New Bloc Party song isn't terrible...?

Not great though, is it.

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better than anything from the last album at least.

Yeah but I’ve had colds that were better than anything off that album.

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Quite nothing-y though isn’t it? And christ his lyrics are shite.

If you get your mans, I’ll get mine too

Yeah OK guy with his picture on the outside of King’s College London

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In isolation it’s a reasonable enough song. In the context of the last album, it’s much better. Doesn’t stand up that well in comparison to them in their prime, but they’re never going to make another Silent Alarm, so I guess you have to take it for what it is.

^this is pretty much what I’m thinking. It at least holds hope for the next album

Assumed they’d call it a day after what a turkey Hymns was, but it seems like they’ve found a little bit of life from somewhere. Good luck to them I guess.

are we listening to the same song? sounds like a double speed version of that song everyone found laughable off the last album

I don’t know. Are you listening to Sugar Army right at the moment?

Happy to see that Silent Alarm is getting reissued this Friday, to coincide with the album shows they’re doing later this month. Don’t think there are any deluxe versions with extras or anything, but I’ll probably still grab a copy…