New Board Big-Hitter Threads

  • Who created what? (E.g. love life, career, bikes, etc)
  • If you created it, have you muted the thread or do you dutifully read each new reply?

Me: I created the long-running Heavy Handed Satire thread. I read the new replies but the quality is pretty mixed.


I started the great camo thread and I keep up with all the post in it as best I can.


I’ve started a few of the running threads and a couple of the politics threads. I tend to turn off notifications for the latter.


:smiley: :smiley:


Justin Casablancas


Also wheres the squidpan thread


the what are you listening to thread frequented only by the toplads of dis.

usurped by @incandenza in a classless move earlier this month that I found rather revolting, to be honest.


Wherever you left it?


my threads usually have over 50 replies


Beer Wankers thread is dangerously close to it’s inevitable 10k send-off. my greatest achievement.


I think I must have muted this and the running one(s) a long time. Or maybe they’re just so ubiquitous that I don’t notice them any more


i must have muted notifications (or they just get turned off at some point in the thousands?) but i still read every post anyway ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I started the tim and eric thread and profk is keeping it going
Used to always start tennis threads but quite glad not to have to anymore
Once started a museums thread which nobody posted in
Those are my main interests


not made a good thread in ages


I created the sole thread but I had to mute it due to its popularity taking over my life


the people demanded it

(one person requested it)