New Boards Appreciation Thread

What’s your favourite feature of the new forums:

  • Polls
  • Embedded photos/videos
  • Tagging
  • Stats
  • Badges
  • No royter

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please also add general things you like about our new home

It really is a wonderful website!

Theyr’e really good but I do miss some of the ropeyness of the old one. It can feel a bit formal and harder to relax into.

I’m angry that I’m not allowed to change my picture or vote.

why can’t you do those? have you only just signed up?

no all of the above option?!

no i’ve been here since day one, i just haven’t been good enough yet

just your favourite in the poll (obviously everyone likes all of them), more discussion is permitted in the thread though!

fuckin making me choose man…right i’ll have a think.

i like that we’ve caught up with the rest of the internet from ten years ago

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well confused about this. you have the same permissions / trust level as everyone else

Not to worry. I’ve just realised I said I was missing some of the old ropeyness when I already have it, so it’s not bad thing really.

No, it’s his parents that won’t allow him to do it. Worried about cyber-stalkers.

No Royter riding high :smiley:

Where is Royter?

Only just seen that it colours the reply numbers orangey when there are lots of likes to posts.



The best thing is notifications - no need to endlessly recheck threads to see if you’ve got a response.

The worst thing is also notifications, because it’s that much harder to stay away.


That you get friendly warning about the police coming for you for not being into fascists

remember when we were discussing ideas for the new boards and everybody was against embedded photos and videos?
show how bad you all are


Try now.