New boards, new beeves


Please catalogue them in here. Nikkers and meow having a mini bike beeve atm to kick things off




meow’s been particularly fighty recently, huh? she’s always up for some beeves.


Dont scare the newcomers!


I dunno niki, if someone said my bike was a piece of :poop:


I’m not always up for an argument and I take offense that people think I am. I’m nice to everyone on here and actively took a step back from getting into ‘serious discussions’ with the ladies of the board as I really like them all, respect their opinion and don’t want to upset/annoy them. I feel like I get on much better with gb and dd and the likes much more now.
If people want to read into what I say as being aggressive or flighty when that’s not what i’m being like, then there isn’t much I can do about that. Not my problem I’m afraid and its relatively trivial things so whatever


Fucking BAN REQUEST for @Aggpass for not linking to the bike beeves, frankly.


soz meow

i really didn’t mean to upset you. i never said that your bike was shit, or if i did, i am sorry that you took it so literally as that really wasn’t what i meant at all as i tried to explain while further falling over myself in the thread



Japes vs The World


jealous guy lyrics updated for the bikewanker age


I found the beeves and they were boring, but nestled in there was this gem:

Do we need to start a new ‘doing’ catalogue thread?


Of course we’re pals love. I’m not falling out with anyone over this shit.

You’ve got to see from my point of view that something that I’d saved up for and purchased was being repeatedly slated…and it wasn’t me making it up or reading into something, it was written in black and white that various parts of it are shit and you thought your bike was miles better. It royally pissed me off to have it flipped back on me like i’m being some crazy bitch starting an argument for no reason when it was so obvious to see. It’s just shitty behavior innit.


who even are you?


Best guess is CG.


think it’s Sheeeeeeeit


Oh right, yeah I guess it could be.


It says Sheeeit in his profile. Unless it’s a trick.


Trolls, eh?


@plasticniki is there a reason why he’s not just banned already? I mean the guy’s just spent his entire time on here trolling. He got banned last time for a reason too. You can just shunt him down to Level 0 again if you want, I guess.



i can’t even work out if everyone has to be “approved” before they can post or not or if it happens automatically and we only get alerted to the ones who look a bit spammy

think that many everyone has a clean slate here, within reason