New Boards: Questions, Suggestions, Features and Discussion


Hello Sean, I hope you don’t mind this new thread for discussing the new boards and giving feedback etc.

First question from me is: How do you create a new tag? I think a ‘NO CHAT’ tag would be good so people can tell at a glance whether chat is permitted or not within any given thread. Thanks in advance.

None of this disguises the fact

Second question/suggestion: I have reached the limit of new threads a new user can post in their first day.

Question: What the fuck!? Do you know who I am!?
Suggestion: That can go eat a dick.


no ‘In da club’?


yeah not sure about either the post character limit for a topic, or being limited to threads per day really


What the fuck?!?!


I KNOW RIGHT! (character limit is balls as well)


I have a meeting now. Please fix by the time I am out.


are we going to have a wider range of forums?
some of my thread ideas are neither social nor music

New forums

Links take you away from the site instead of opening a new tab.

I keep closing the site down


Hope your meeting is productive, informative and maybe even fun


showing who started a thread would be nice. at the moment it only shows the last poster (I think)


Yeah there is!


C’mon, there’s an entire forum for such queries


From Settings:

Activity Summary
When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies

Finally, thank fuck…


I think we should start as we mean to go on and by that I mean moaning should happen in the social forum and bants/shabs should happen in the Errors and Suggestions equivalent.


Only people at a certain trust level can do it

We can change it in the future. I’ve lowered it from the default for the forum.

You’ll all be upgraded soon enough. It’s a setting to stop trolls and spam, which obviously dis NEVER EVER EVER has a problem with :cry:


I can actually change that. When I can find the setting.


Can any mods take the extra S off my username? It says Caedus already exists but I can’t imagine that…could have been me bumbling about trying and failing to register…

Not a big deal really but if i’m going to up my profile 1 s is better than 2…


Can I post again?


looks that way!