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Yeah, nightmare.


You can do this on every board in the world


IDK, only use DiS-Classic. Guess it’s just an etiquette thing


I thought this would be a funny feature

Evil man


if we’re open to ideas for new threads, i think we should have a film and tv thread, a book thread and a football thread
to stop threads with 1000 replies




How do you get it to do the thing undergraduate username? Or is that only for the superpenoids?

Not sure if poatcount being back is a good or bad thing…

  • under your



You should be able to edit posts really.


state of this post


State of yer face.



This was a safety wink



Is there any way that post times could be changed to display actual times? I assumed that you’d be able to change it in account settings, but I couldn’t see a way.

I can comprehend 9:29am far easier than “6h”.



post is at least 5 characters


completely against this idea now

@sean is it possible to give me tagging permissions?


I can’t get used to looking at the top-right of each post to see if it’s a reply to someone. Keep just reading everything in a linear fashion. Oooh it’s an hard life isn’t it it’s a hard life.


I’ll upvote this


You know how for replies to a reply it will say ‘1 Reply’ or whatever, and then you click it and it shows the reply indented underneath? If it was like that automatically, without having to click the ‘1 Reply’, then that’d just be nesting like the old site. Would have to then get rid of the duplication as well though, where it shows the reply amongst the replies to the OP but with a thing top-right that displays the user it was in response to.

It’s annoying that it does that latter thing imo.