New boards seem to have finally descended into petty squabbling over nothing



honeymoon’s over, y’all

Thread for Days of Yore: Rick Stein
"He doesn't have his shit together"

fuck you mate


Where? Why? How?


I’ll have you, mate


Just elthamsmateowen. Again.


here, dunno, dunno


didn’t even @ him, very underhand


I like and respect both of you as posters and as human beings and I hope you can put your differences aside.


Nah, @ing is very passive aggressive.

Not my style, tbh.


About fucking time. Seriously.


I kept out of all the other squabbles he’s having across the boards.


Don’t worry guys, I’ve got a thread that will bring peace and prosperity to all.





Fuck this
Don’t worry guys, theres a squabble with theo about pedophiles in the rick stein thread where he’s gonna start mansplaining in 3…2…1…


links please




can someone link me to some of the more prime cuts of beef? Hope its not in that fucking Rick Stein thread because I’m not scrolling through that shite.


There’s an incredibly tedious argument going on between Marckee and Owen in balonz’s commuting time thread. The rest is more a general feeling rather than specific big slabs of beef, the friendliness of the early months has gone imo


just went in that thread and quickly scrolled. saw someone getting defensive about whether Delia Smith was a chef. left quickly


I love, I SAY I LOVE, a bitta beef…