New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


The old one is now too long for newbs to engage with I fear.

The situation reflects the wider surreal turns the world has taken methinks. Someone on here said we’re in a new political world now but I think it’s more than mere politics. I can’t recall a situation where this many people have been in this much denial, happy to be in denial, and positively frothing at the mouth even though they won and anyone speaking out against Brexit publicly is almost invariably savaged. There’s such anger and hatred at play, but what they voted for wasn’t to smash the corrupt system or take back control; they voted for the status quo, if we accept the status quo is a cabal of corrupt and unaccountable people with huge power over the little guy. They’ve merely voted to shift that power from one place to another, with added poverty, inequality, racism, chauvanism, etc.

Is it as simple as a lot of the leavers knowing they done fucked up but not wanting to admit it? That they secretly know they were led up the garden path by the rich, the vested, the connect - by the very kinds people they thought they were voting against? Could it be so simple? IDK mates.

It’s probably problematic to call the attitude of Brexiteers schizophrenic, but it really is. Most obvious example is the way they harp on about Brexit being democracy in action before hysterically shrieking about the court case, tripping over themselves to ignore the huge social, economic and environmental problems we’ll all soon face with already-weak regulation of big business now prepped and ready for the pyre. And telling remain voters they lost so they should now be quiet forever doesn’t do much for the ‘we love democracy honest guv’ arguments…

I promised myself I was going to stay away from the news bcos of personal/mental health stuff but I caught Question Time by accident the other night and I am now sure we are on a deathmarch towards fascism or even worse. Again, the attitude of the leavers was really peculiar. One guy claimed to be a primary school teacher and prefaced his comment by saying he hates racism and fascism before going on to gibber uncontrollably about kids who don’t speak English and how this makes him uncomfortable. Another guy said he’s sick of hearing about the 48% and if this had been a GE it would have been a landslide so…shut the fuck up I guess?

In a way, they have the perfect argument; if by some miracle it goes well, we remainers were all cunts for naysaying and it will allow more poison to fill the spaces in the picture where things like basic human decency should be. If it goes wrong, we’re the ones at fault for not being on board, for empathising more with Johnny Foreigner than our fellow Brits, etc. The extremist views and behaviour will increase either way, but I really worry about what’ll happen to our friends from the EU and elsewhere when it likely goes tits up and everybody winds up skint and full of resentment. Then they came for me, etc.

The leavers put me in mind of a suicidal person, in a dazed or fugue like state, gazing with dark, awestruck fascination at the shotgun they’re loading. The nihilism of it all is quite creepy. Or the Springfielders burning down the observatory so a comet will never hit the Earth again.

The terminology it’s created is fucking cringeworthy and embarrassing too - Brexit, remoaners, cards on the table, best deal for Britain, etc.

The collapse is here. Follow the buzzards, etc.


I think i’m over Brexit and Trump now.


yeah actually i feel spent after typing all that.

so…been gaming lately?


I feel quite similiar to this. The best I’m at is forgetting about it, but then when I’m properly reminded I get really angry all over again.


What’s going to realllllly irk me is when it goes tits up brexiteers are going to find all the excuses in the world - “we didn’t negotiate hard enough…yes, the next 5-10 years might be tough, but in the long term! The world economies were heading south anyway!”


Agree with everything you’ve said. I don’t think leavers actually think things will be bad. They have been fed a stream of lies by the right wing press and people like Farage, Johnson et al…and they’ve sucked up every word of it.

And as I said in the other thread, it’s arrogance (“the EU needs us”) and ignorance (“just replace the EU market with Peru. EASY”, “the EU makes all our laws”) that feeds into this.

And yep, exactly as has been said, when it all goes wrong…and it will, it will be something else at fault…not that it was a stupid idea in the first place.


We were bound to end up engaging in human sacrifice again at some point you fucking liberal elite remoaners! Get real! Tough choices!


It’s inevitable they’ll find a scapegoat and rewrite history accordingly. The fear is who, and how their fake grievance will manifest.


What amazes me is the lack of people actually standing up and saying ‘guys, this is a stupid idea. It should not happen’.

It’s only Tony Blair AFAIK. (There are others, but they are on the fringes and not in the public eye.)

The rest like Tim Farron are saying at most, there should be a second referendum on the terms and conditions.


Is this a BreThreadxit?


… I mean this was always going to happen but just nnnnngggggggggggggggg


think the one positive that can be clung to it it isn’t the actually majority, just the majority who voted, and the demographic behind it will dwindle in time, and it is those that are most vocal that make the best soundbites, there is probably a range from bregret to brelusion amongst leave voters. that there were so many younger people that didn’t vote is obviously a problem though, but at least they are less likely to hold those attitudes which means there is some hope for the future.


why are they less likely to hold those attitudes? they’re growing up in a world where gainful employment will be lacking because of governmental failure, but they’ll be told by the ever-powerful media that it is the fault of people who aren’t like them.

Brexit will be blamed for regression as necessary teething troubles. Then the EU will be blamed for the echoes of problems for decades. Or illegal immigrants. Or muslims ‘still allowed’ in the country. Or fuck it, gay people. Anyone really. While there are still paltry checks and punishments for media, this isn’t going to suddenly get better. And this is coming from me and i’m the sort of person who quotes Matt Ridley


I don’t quite understand the question. Older people were the demographic driving force behind brexit, as for what happens in the future, you are right it is a dangerous climate where reactionary populist politics may grow, but I find some hope in the fact that younger people at the moment are less likely to have those attitudes


i’m asking you what data supports the end of your para there. Why are they less likely to?


I don’t know why, quantitative data doesn’t tend to answer that. I would guess as younger people have been encountered more diversity than older people, more educated, loads of reasons.

But in terms of whether they do or not, didn’t all the surveys before the vote show a clear demographic split with older people being much more likely to vote leave, and weren’t there exit polls that confirmed this (though obviously doesn’t cover non voters but they would have been covered in earlier surveys).

I know polls have lost there authority recently, but really that is about not being able to predict a precise result, saying 48% of the population will do something and then 52% do would be considered a pretty good prediction in most circumstances. So think survey data can be relied upon when it show s demographic differences, those differences are big enough to represent real differences even if the margin of errors on surveys aren’t what they once were.

Take the british social attitudes survey for instance, clear difference between older and younger people (though worryingly all getting worse)


that’s what i mean though - getting worse. so give it a few years of absolute misery and people looking for someone to blame as they always do…


i’m a pretty positive person, i’m also a very analytical person

in the short term, i’m very positive about the future, i’m very very lucky with where i am in the world

in the long term though, i can’t see the problems that society faces being sorted in any way at all, and it worries me to the very depths of my existence

i think we will see unimaginably terrible things happen over the next few decades


That is a possibility, maybe a likely one, I wasn’t making a prediction that things will get better because younger people are less prejudice, but as it stands they are less prejudice and I think there is at least hope in that. things seem so bleak, so its worth remembering it is not everyone and that the majority of people your age and younger aren’t like that


David Cameron deserves to be flayed alive