New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


I just booked some for my uncle Captain D Thompson ( who lives at 65 Oxford Street, Stoke. An address which may sound familiar for some reason…



Brian First is going too!


Paul Scholes too


Barry Smith +2 also in attendance


I’m really confused by what’s going on atm tbh. Like by all of the parliamentary process.


I hope the council hired extra caterers to piss in the coffee.


So i don’t really follow Diane Abbott’s day to day career that closely but every time i see or hear her doing something it’s almost always objectively awful. CF: literally bunking off the most important parliamentary vote & debate in the last decade.

how much of my opinion of her is valid and how much extra does she get compared to other MPS because she is a female POC ?


She’s working class and from north London, she got a degree from Cambridge and was the first black woman elected to parliament. I think that doing that is damned difficult and doing that and still being likeable might be impossible. I think she’s a hypocrite and a flake at times but so are most politicians at times and I’ll still give her the time of day.


Yeah I feel the white paper adds even more confusion because it doesn’t really give much of a concrete answer regarding workers rights and/or which elements of the single market arrangement the UK might want to keep. In fact it’s weird that they’d even talk about wanting to retain aspects of the single market/customs union when elsewhere they’ve said that they’re leaving both.


Big fan of the way that a number of Labour MPs have started to smear her by revealing that they don’t know what a migraine is.


nice thought but they won’t be stopping issuing tickets no matter how many sign up


What do your u mean? - having a go at her for fucking off last night is really not a smear, is it?


Saying she’s lying about having been ill is a pretty low thing to do.


Ok, well, I’m pretty much a confirmed scumbag - but she was definitely lying about being ill.


Are they holding it in the tardis?


It was definitely going to get to the next stage though. Why would you force yourself in to vote for that despite being ill?


It’s just how it’s done. the ‘bookings’ are just so they have a vague idea of how many people might turn up. They’re not necessarily honoured and they’re unlikely to turn people without a booking away.



This is a good article about her:

I’m not a Diane fanboy but she is aggressively maligned and this needs redress.