New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


The thing that’s confusing me about that (apart from the nonsense of it all) and that I thought the (made up) ‘EU Regulations’ about bananas were that they had to be curved not straight. So they can’t even get their fictions right.


Curvy bananas, straight cucumbers iirc


There must be regulations on the curviness of bananas, otherwise this would be a totally useless item:


Exactly, it’s the good straight British banana that our EU overlords have banned not the curvy foreign variants. So that person got it completely wrong! Another leave vote based on misinformation.




Right, so a bunch of people who wanted to leave the EU because apparently it’s undemocratic and tyrannical want to forcibly get rid of a democratically elected public official because they don’t like the fact he disagrees with them? Cool, nothing remotely nuts about that.


why do all leave voters write like idiot children?


How many times do you people need this explaining ffs?

Slightly more than half of the population said we should leave and that’s that. The other 48% need to respect the ‘Will of the People ™’ and shut the fuck up and take their democracy (medicine).


to the remoaners i say flatly my dear i don’t riverdance (give a damn)


CBA is the biggest demographic


they should make more of the point just over 3/4 of the whole population either wanted to stay or didn’t care enough about leaving to vote


you reckon this is a real person?


Here’s another enemy of the people daring to question current discourse


find it weird that nick clegg’s still an MP
always picture him working in a local bank branch or somewhere now


Ken Clarke is easily the best Tory.


at the same time, 3/4 of the UK population wanted to leave or didn’t care enough about remaining to vote… so that doesn’t say anything.

there should have been some clauses in the referendum (minimum turnout, minimum percentage required for a leave vote) but there weren’t. the whole thing is a massive fuck up.


surely it would’ve still been an absolute shitstorm politically if the result was the same and the government said that brexit wasn’t gonna happen even tho it won the vote


Often with a referendum on major constitutional reform it is declared IN ADVANCE e.g. A minimum of 60% is required to change the constitution; a minimum of 70% turnout is required. This former helps stop a situation where you have a result that could seem to change with the wind blowing a different direction tearing the country apart.


yeah sure but we would’ve still had the brexiteers and tabloids complaining that it was undemocratic


Of course. There’s no point about iffing and butting about it but maybe there was a point where, say, a referendum with a 55% majority required would have seemed like a gift to leavers that they should grab with both hands. After a 52% result of course there would have been outrage but I can’t see it being any worse than now and we’d be staying in the EU.