New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


it's all moot

there'll be a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption soon

here's what the ashfall will look like

should be about a 10 year winter


kinda wish it was nearer us so ican die immediately and not from a food shortage months later


10-30mm for Chicago. Seems manageable!


thank goodness!


yup. i'm presuming the "we will implement what you vote for" was a warning for "so don't fuck around and vote leave for the bants". didn't really work, did it.

find it funny though that leavers on twitter always use that leaflet to refute the fact it was advisory, even when they're being shown THE ACTUAL TEXT OF THE REFERENDUM ACT, but promises on buses don't count.


First GoT draft was lacking something.


that article ffs


Weird to think that in the not-too-distant future we'll be the ones who will be responsible for recounting that The Telegraph was once a serious newspaper.


Not to mention The Times


I don't buy The Times but it still seems to be full of good writers and srs enough content.

The Telegraph has been total farce for about 2 years now.


The trouble the Times has is it's paywall - it doesn't have the heft or specialist expertise of the Financial Times to keep it's position in terms of salience without any meaningful web presence. I'm sure it's still widely read in certain circles, but (anecdotal statement alert) it's gone from the first place I'd look for a decent right-wing view of the news to something I would never even think to look at unless prompted. Given that I've hardly ever seen a Times link shared on Twitter or Facebook, but see Daily Mail and Telegraph ones all the time, I can't imagine I'm the only person like that.

Question is whether turning a profit or "mindshare" are more important to Murdoch in the long term, because I don't think he can have both.


I see Times links shared on twitter all the time. But then again I follow broad swathes of the 'commentariat' who act like a closed shop of mutual back-slapping which each other so this perhaps is to be expected. I only don't read The Times owing to my own boycott of Murdoch-owned media. If I liberated myself from my morals on this issue I'd read the Times every day probably.

The Times isn't doing too bad in terms of circulation. The gap between it and the Telegraph has actually narrowed since 2010: The Times circulation has dropped 20% where the Telegraph's dropped 30% over the same period.

The Times doesn't make Murdoch any money. Nor does The Sun. And he seems to use The Sun as his 'mindshare' paper. His editorial influence over The Times seems very small (with the exception of reporting of the Coulson/Brooks verdicts). So I think he has it just for his own personal brand tbh - makes him seem like a more serious operator if he owns a broadsheet. I dunno.


The Sun was under a paywall for a fair while too.

Definitely think a profit is more important to Murdoch. He obviously does have a political agenda too, otherwise he wouldn't effectively subsidise newspapers distributing hateful crap, but I reckon he figured out one day how much money you can make by exploiting ignorance and popularism and ran with it. If remain had been far enough ahead in the lead up to the referendum, The Sun would have come out in favour of remain, as they came out for the Labour Party once it was clear that was the popular choice.


The Telegraph's reputation used to be based upon the quality of its foreign correspondents and its sub-editing. Large numbers of staff in both of these areas have been made redundant since 2010 and a big part of its credibility dropped off as a result.


the difference is that Tony Blair getting into power furthered his business interests but remaining in the EU (compared to leaving) didn't


Yeah. Every notable story about the Telegraph in the last 2 years has been about a) how they've just sacked a tranche of seemingly respected/high-quality journalists (which has happened several times) and b) how they've installed boxes above the desks of their staff monitoring how often they are there.

Seems they want to be the broadsheet Mail Online. Ain't gonna happen. Would imagine the only readers they have left are either out of sheer habit or purely for their sports coverage (dunno if this is actually any good any more mind).


The Times is one of the most financially stable papers. Made only a small loss last year. The Sun, on the other hand, made significant losses.

@marckee I did work experience at the Telegraph last summer and the day before I went in, they fired all but 2 of their foreign affairs staff. I asked the European editor how to get into foreign affairs reporting and he said that if I wanted to work in foreign affairs I should change sector.


I'm not sure if it came to pass, but I did hear that the sports department was going to be gutted after the Euros and Olympics too.


I know. But it's not keeping Murdoch in ivory backscratchers is it?


lol. The sport's desk is probably literally just Mihir Bose and an iPhone 4S