New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


Sure. But The Sun only switched to New Labour a few weeks before the election. By then the win was basically a foregone conclusion. I don’t think they switched because they preferred Blair’s brand of economic liberalism, they just followed the popular movement.


Yeah - I can see the Times doing okay financially for quite some time (it’s one of the few papers to make a profit in recent years; 2014 and 15 I think?) because of the loyalty of it’s subscriber base. The issue I can see is more that I can’t see that subscriber base being renewed over time as it ages - not because it’s not producing good journalism, but because younger generations who I suspect previously would have bought in simply won’t think of it or have any experience of the quality of what they do.

Again, all anecdotal/assumed on my part


yeah sure the stakes were lower then. it was a win-win for murdoch either way. brexit represented a much bigger opportunity for him.


Has Corbyn fixed Brexit yet?




As an aside to this, I think this has proliferated in the the internet age and we’re just catching up with it. News isn’t that profitable; fake news, which exploits people’s fear and hatred is as explained in this Washington Post article.

There’s a simple, economic explanation for this shift: If you’re a hoaxer, it’s more profitable… Paul Horner, the proprietor of and a string of other very profitable fake-news sites, once told me he specifically tries to invent stories that will provoke strong reactions in middle-aged conservatives. They share a lot on Facebook, he explained; they’re the ideal audience.

This is what gets people clicking, this is what sells, this is what makes money, so this is the content that people create.

It was frustrating in the Tabloid days that the exploitative media sold more than the more intellectual, factual media but it’s never been more destructive, prolific or completely free of regulation than it is now.

The ultra-commercialisation of information means that the most extreme content is the most profitable and widespread. And that keeps driving extremism.


What the chuffing fuck is going on with this shit?

How are they actually able to make Brexit worse than it already appeared to be?


so from what i’ve read i think parliament wanted to be able to vote on whatever deal may got and send her back to the EU to renegotiate if they didn’t like what she was offered. but for whatever reason (and i would really like to know), she has become a radical hardline brexiteer and she is adamant she won’t negotiate with the eu more than once, and whatever she brings back to london parliament can only vote either yes or no to the deal, and if it’s a no we can all go fuck ourselves because she’s taking her ball and fucking off to the WTO where we can expect to have ourselves effectively screwed by vulturous interests everywhere from america to china.

i don’t know:

  1. why she’s going for the hardest exit possible
  2. why she’s refusing to negotiate more than once
  3. why this is being reported as a good thing for democracy
  4. what this will mean for eu migrants living in england (considering may is a racist and xenophobe and has previously co-opted bnp-style rhetoric this is worrying)
  5. why nobody in parliament is rioting about this
  6. why we’re even bothering negotiating with the eu when it’s obvious they will play hardball, and she and her weirdo tory pals have no interest in obtaining any kind of reasonable deal and clearly want to go the WTO route.


If she shows the same ‘willingness’ to negotiate with Brussels that she’s shown here then there won’t even be a deal to vote yes or no to…there may not even be an EU

I honestly think she’s driven by the pure, blind, white, Christian faith that God will guide her

This is worth a read


I suspect it’s because on the surface of it it’ll seem like the government taking a definite stance and appealing to the UK’s business interests who as it’s been trumpeted from the start are averse to uncertainty . The right wing papers will sell it as Theresa May following the “will of the people”

Of course it leaves out the fact that a poor deal with jeopardize jobs, businesses and increase the cost of living.


Will Scotland vote for independence next time round off the back of all this Hard Brexit bullshit

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, and Northern Ireland will leave the UK at some point too

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the FEAR will get to them



Alright Ian Brown.


Could finally be the Dolphins year!


clive lewis


NI will certainly leave at some point, but i think it’s still a way off, really. obv views on the union here are much more tied up with your background rather than being a simple political position - a natural result of positions becoming hardened by violent conflict - and our eventual departure of the UK will be more likely down to the continuing gradual population shift over the years, as per the agreement. however, if May manages to fuck up the border issue, ie. sacrifices our open border for her own weird hard-brexity goals without a workable solution - she might well accelerate things a bit by pushing the more passive among us towards a more active sense of nationalism (not in a violent sense - at least I hope not). also interestingly the DUP’s grip on NI may be loosening slightly right now at the same time, as a result of their own repeated corruption scandals, so we’ll see how everything develops.

it’s interesting that until a couple of years ago i never would have imagined Scotland going independent before Ireland uniting, but it feels seems all but certain these days.





I am so fucking angry right now

and a bit scared

this is it, this is the beginning of the path that leads to cross-european deportations

3 million people across the UK tonight are considering making plans to leave and 1.5 million Brits in the EU are thinking about applying for citizenship in their resident countries

no one trusts Theresa fucking May to navigate this fucking wreck of an idea to safety. No one.

And no Good Friday agreement guarantees either? She is a monster.

Sorry, but I’m really fucking angry


Blame baby boomers.