New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


I’d imagine about 50% of regular Telegraph purchasers are getting it for the crossword.


just… aaargh


what’s the end game of the EU collapsing? what do brexiters actually want? will we all go super nationalist and then eventually super protectionist causing a financial collapse and then we all start eating each other?


mate, tell me about

I’ve been living & working as a Brit abroad in the EU for 16 years now. I have a Swedish wife & two Swedish kids and my fucking MUM voted Leave

my fucking Daily Express reading, RT watching, you-can’t-trust-BBC-anymore, ‘I’m not racist but…’ Irish immigrant mother voted against the interests of not only herself but of her son, her daughter in law & her grandkids and pretty much all of the friends we’ve gathered over the last 16 years too

fake Nationalist fucking Bullshit


no 350million for the nhs - voted against by the people who first suggested it

no protection for EU residents

no impact assessment

rumours they’re priming the fire for employment rights and unions

greenlight to napalm environmental regulations and the human rights act

possible return to barricades and arms in ireland

52% of referendum voters trying to pretend they’re okay with all this and they were aware it was all coming

deliberate blockading of moves towards transparency by the tory cunts

this is fucked up




haven’t you even read moker’s essay mate? Lexit means lexit




I’ve liked this, but I definitely don’t like it. I can’t even imagine how you and your family must be feeling.


I’m convinced that this isn’t actually happening. It’s too stupid and awful to be actually happening.

Also, I find it inconceivable that there won’t be a second referendum, or general election, or some second chance for the electorate to have their say. Probably in two years time.


I’m guessing it’s a bit much to hope for the House of Lords to save us from madness?


Hahaha no


cheers shiggles

I’ll level with you though, it isn’t really me who will bear the brunt of all this crap, it’ll be a lot worse for most other people - unbearable anguish for some

but the number of opportunities that will be denied to so many who will never know how absolutely wonderful it is to be a European citizen in the 21st century…I just despair that a few Tory cunts have the power to so thoroughly desaturate the richness of life to so many people - while using them as bargaining chips/hostages/human shields -

makes me fucking sick

did I mention that my mum has dual citizenship UK/Ireland & that I couldn’t even get a vote in the referendum (more than 15 years since I voted in the UK) ?

so fucked up


chuckled a bit recently when i saw moker tweet “When someone makes a political point on twitter and posts a link to their own blog to evidence it.” followed by a facepalm gif


Poor Diane Abbott


only just seen this bit.

SDLP amendment urging ministers to pay special heed to the Good Friday Agreement during negotiations. Defeated 327 to 288 (maj 39).

how nice to see a hard-won historic peace agreement to end 30 years of violent conflict be voted to be roundly ignored 20 years later. cheers lads, appreciate it.

it’s always obvious in NI that we’re pretty much ignored by UK politics, a surprising number of English people I encounter don’t even really know anything about us (even our own Irish-named sean routinely mistakes Dublin for part of the UK!) but it really has been especially disheartening to see neither most politicians nor most voters give the tiniest shit about the implications of any of this for us over the past year. worse still, we are the closest living legacy of the impacts of historic British colonialism, so to effectively wash their hands of responsibility to us in pursuit of some new romantic notions of harking back to the glory days of that Empire is most troubling.


Add to that the fact that the border will be a FRONTEX land border between the UK and the EU and what do you think is gonna happen there?

frightening to think what could happen

re-unification could certainly be on the cards …not that it will be a smooth ride either

and what then if the EU breaks up?

Gah, this is way too much power for an unelected Theresa Fucking May to wield


Surely they’re out of touch enough to go against the "Will of the British People"™ though?


I strongly suspect that the reason that the hardcore Brexiters and the right wing press are so hellbent on shutting down ANY form of debate on the issue and are heaping vitriol on anyone who dare criticise the process is that they’re well aware how fragile that victory actually is and that a lot of people who voted in good faith (for more money for the health service, better job prospects etc) might realise what the reality is and that the balance of opinion might tip back in favour of Remaining. If none of the 17 million people who voted Leave now have any reservations about what’s happening, knowing what they know now, I would be fucking astonished.


Yeah. I remember clearly watching an interview with a woman on the day of the result. Her sole result for voting Leave was the 350m to go to the NHS. Her mum had been having health issues and the hospitals were busy, so voting Leave was her way of fixing it.