New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


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And the amount of people on the leave side who now go 'no one actually though the money would go to the NHS, it was just an example, 'let's' doesn't mean you'll actually do something' is infuriating.

If they hadn't had that bus and that awful cut screen hospital advert I doubt leave would have won.


Really fed up of Brexiters simultaneously spouting the idea that "the other side" needs to learn to listen to them if they ever want to win, but as soon as you try to engage them in debate on any of their stupid racist views (regardless of whether they have anything to do with Brexit) they say that they won the vote, so now you can all shut up.


Yes. I have seen this a lot now as well. Revisionism. And the classic 'both sides lied'.



Just read something infuriating on the Guardian from some Labour irrelevance. Said something like "We can't stop Brexit now, but we can shape the country..." Can't be bothered finding it to link to it, but you should be able to find it with relevant ease.

The argument was that even if Labour wanted to block Article 50 they couldn't, as it would result in a constitutional crisis, riots, and a general election that would inevitably end in the hardest of hard Brexits.

But... would it?

What, actually, would happen if an adult stepped in and said "this is so, so, so stupid. Enough."

The tabloids would froth at the mouth. Farage would act like a twat. Trump would tweet something stupid. Every leave MP might be obliged to resign. There'd be an election. Huge swathes of the country would breathe a huge sigh of relief. a mix of business as usual and an overnight removal of impending doom.

But how would leave voters react? The twats would be insufferable, but how many would simply shrug and move on?

Seriously - what would happen?

Because this is so so so stupid. I'm with the person above who's choosing to believe that it simply isn't happening. It's literally insane.


Vote.Leave's Campaign Director (evil genius Dominic Cummings) said the other day that they wouldn't have won the referendum without the NHS focus. He's been publishing a lot of interpretations/analysis of the campaign data they hold in a lengthy series of blogs.

Given the margin of victory - this shit matters.


Ah yes the classic 'the others are just as bad' excuse loved by the right wing everywhere. 'Remain said WW3 would start and it hasn't so who cares about promises of money to the health service'. Yep they cancel each other out, that's how it works.


Enough Conservative MPs would have supported A50 to make this discussion totally useless anyway.

But suppose the impossible had happened and enough Conservative MPs had rebelled to block A50:
- You'd have seen a surge in UKIP and Euro-sceptic Tory support, fuelled by a hysterical media doubling down on their pro-Brexit, anti-state stance.
- You'd have seen a surge in support for the EDL etc
- You'd see mass demonstrations and riots from the new emboldened far-right.
- You'd see violence and attacks on minorities spike to levels never seen before
- You'd see confidence in democracy and politicians fall to levels never seen before.
- You'd see parties like UKIP and EDL winning lots of seats on local councils as a result.


Remain forecasts were based upon the immediate triggering of Article 50 after the referendum, as Cameron had promised to do.

So we can thank Cameron for undermining a lot of the perception of the post-referendum pro-remain argument.


He's the gift that keeps giving.


This is it. It needs someone, ANYONE to just stand up and say this has to stop.


Starting to wonder what it would have been like if it had been triggered immediately, given that nothing has been achieved in the meantime, apart from the ability of people to push for harder brexit.


People are saying that, but it's people with nothing to lose - the SNP (who know that every one of their constituencies voted remain) and the lib dems (who thought fuck it, the only way is up).

Labour can't afford to oppose this, lose a decent amount of potential support forever and allow themselves to be portrayed as a party who would betray a national popular vote.


You know I really can't see riots happening if brexit was stopped, small scale marches and protests from the far-right but no full scale riots. Look at how few people turn out to the leave marches.

Outside of the rabid far right and internet trolls I think there is a large portion of leave voters who don't actually care that much.
The people who didn't know what to do and shrugged in the ballot box and voted leave for the NHS/freedom/sovereignty/protest against the gov/shape of bananas etc they won't care enough to riot.
Then there's the middle England, Mail reading lots, they might huff about democracy to their golf buddies but to actually riot? Can't see it.


Farage and the tabloids would try, desperately, to rouse national ire. Horrible things would be said. Unspeakable crimes would be committed. Deep rifts would deepen. UKIP would remain an influential political force.

But no... I think that the vast majority of people simply wouldn't care.


One of the first posts actually sums up a lot of the responses I've seen to this, David Davis sexually harassed a serving MP and for some reason people seem to think it's hilarious. This country man...


Actually think a lot less people would physically protest, though those that did would be the militant far-right kind rather than the funny sign holding ooh I hope I get on instagram kind.


Leave voters now: LOL we won, get over it, Project Fear!
Leave voters in a year or two: it's short term pain for long term gain
Leave voters a few years after that: [silence] - because the old fuckers will be dead


Almost as if people are sick of our shit