New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


But but, where are the queues of British workers waiting to fill these jobs that had been stolen by those cheeky EU scamps?


Had my 'How your taxes are spent' statement through on Saturday.

Can't wait to have an extra 10 pence in my pocket every single day in a couple of years time.



do you reckon this would have swung the result if it happened last year?


this is one of millions of thing that brexit twats will eventually realise the EU was good for

see also: roaming charges being brought down to a reasonable level


I worked on this in my old job... it's wrong to say all these shows will become available across borders. cross border portability isn't the same as ending geoblocking.


CETA gets the go ahead then...


I was reading this article yesterday. Not sure how accurate it is, but it seems worrying:


don't have time to read all this rn but yeah it is noooo a good deal :slight_frown:


Good thing we're leaving the EU though right moker


It seems like loads of national governments got exemptions for themselves and gave it proper oversight, but the UK just waved it through.

Good work, UK sovereignty...




i hope this gets the views it deserves even tho it's buried way down in this megathread


Commiserations to the sane people in Cornwall, shame their compatriots were total morons


wonder if my parents still believe they'll receive more money from the government once the EU farm subsidy ends?



Can't wait to have to get a second passport so I can continue to exist :upside_down::upside_down:
Really hope this won't happen but fuck me, the good old tories are basically trying to alienate irish nationalists at this stage


Jfc I don't want to come across all Tony Bliar but how many colossal fuck ups is it going to take before everyone just admits we should reconsider/revote?

(This is a rhetorical question, sadly I know the process is too fucked by this point to be undone)


the problem is that too many people are ignoring all this kinda thing in the news and going "just get on with it, it will be fine" even tho all this kinda thing in the news shows that it really really won't be fine it will be fucking horrendous


Well the main thing I've taken from brexit is that in the event of a border poll I will be voting to leave the UK. That's what I got out of the last 9 months