New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)






John Major criticises what’s going on, and just like with Blair they play the man and not the ball because they don’t actually have any response to what they’re saying


Exactly it’s why ‘get over it, you lost’ is the clarion cry for quitters. They have nothing.


Yep. One must remember that in the new Brexit Britain, it is considered thoroughly undemocratic to allow people from the other side to voice any opinions on the matter of leaving the EU. And this was all about making Britain more democratic, remember?


will you have us kallgeese, will you, that’s what I worry about (that and a return to violence)?


Heart says yes, head says no. Really doubt that an Irish government would be capable of dealing with the problems of NI.


Meanwhile, in Dusseldorf:


Whilst we all expect that Lords amendment to be removed when it goes back to the Commons, at least it might help show to other EU countries that we’re not all Theresa May’s.


I think the damage is long since done by this point, especially when we have Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary being an offensive useless fuck constantly.


I can’t stop staring at this.


no need for the “BREXIT” or “THERESA MAY” though. bit heavyhandedsatirethread.



Saw another friend of a friend ranting on FB yesterday. They really do have a very limited set of catchphrases don’t they.

‘the will of the people’
‘respect democracy’
‘unelected Eurocrats’

All Brexiters parrot the same phrases, jumbled around a bit and spewed out. With copious amounts of spelling mistakes and underpinned with a righteous anger.


Didn’t know where to put this. Here will do.




irony meter explodes


:rotating_light: <this is the irony alarm


How do these supposedly intelligent people not see the complete hypocrisy of nonsense of what they say?