New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


I imagine they see it, but they know that today/tomorrow nobody in the press will bother to point out how much BS Theresa May came out with, instead it will be all approving coverage.


The whole world has gone stupid.



Pretty good summary of the tedious ECJ/patent law issue here:

Personally I’m not a big fan of the Unified Patent Court and the unified European patent system for various non-Brexit reasons, but now that it’s pissing off Douglas Carswell I might change my mind.


The endless stupid, it burns


Sorry for posting endlessly but it really is one shithouse thing after another


The frequency and volume of the stock leave responses has been increasing with each new bit of awfulness.


There really are not enough facepalm memes to do this justice, are there?

EDIT - should be replying to Kiyonemakibi not Epimer


With regards to the Ireland/NI thing I posted, I have seen someone say it doesn’t 100% mean a hard border, but would mean a lot of annoying shit to avoid that


That’s actually incredible, what a cretin that man is.


I have seen absolutely nothing remotely reassuring about coming out of the Customs Union not equalling a hard border by default.

Like I genuinely don’t know how it can be done.


To be fair to Wetherspoons man (not that he deserves it I’m sure), but his hilarious editorials in the Spoons magazine always seemed to be about tax and so on and his issues with the EU around that. I don’t recall it ever playing the immigrant card - as you’d expect, that would damage his business hugely. He’s still a twat and the company is still complicit in the twattery, but I guess he’s been somewhat consistent, just hugely naive (and hypocritical by the back door).


I sort of get this but what irritates me about him and others who voted with this as the basis for their argument is that pushing for the reforms that most of them wanted would be better achieved inside the EU.

Polling (don’t trust them etc) suggested that the main reason people were actually voting was because of immigration which unsurprisingly the incumbent government have actually responded to.


God the public in this country are stupid as fuck


I mean, that bit about ‘oh the NHS will be OK without immigrants’ - anyone who thinks Leave voters (or Remain voters who are now saying ‘oh well let’s go with it’) deserve any sympathy for the coming shitstorm can piss off.


This from the 2nd link is so annoying:
"The majority of remainers seemed resigned to the process, believing that MPs should not interfere with the democratic decision of the people. “There is no way the MPs could have gone against the populist choice I’m afraid,” said one Labour remain voter in St Austell. “It would have had massive implications and caused uproar. Sad, but true!”

Why? No! That’s ridiculous!


Thank god MPs have ignored popular stuff in the past, otherwise we’d still be debating about getting rid of capital punishment (just waiting for the Telegraph to start demanding a referendum on bringing that back)


Exactly, it’s just nonsense.
‘Well a bunch of uninformed people narrowly decided on a massive and devastating change that we couldn’t be bothered to apply the correct checks and balances too, guess we better crack on then. If we don’t a bunch of people who don’t care about politics or voting normally will go back to not caring’.


as Heseltine said on the radio the other day, he’s been listening to the brexiteers banging on about leaving for decades. why after one narrow vote should remainers shut up and accept it when the leavers haven’t until now and never would have had the result been reversed?


Curse the autoplaying Twitter vids - this should have had more love.