New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


March 29th 2017

the day the UK died





When it all goes to shit, they’ll blame anyone but themselves for it. Already laying the groundwork.


Surely ‘brexit bias controversy’ works a lot better. Massive open goal missed


The Daily Mail’s coverage of Brexit has of course been deeply rational, even-handed and definitely accurate.



despite their vague attempts at reassurance i genuinely don’t think the tories actually give the tiniest shit about this tbh



every so often I remember that this is actually real and actually happening & I suddenly want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon & eat my own face off


I object to the idea that he has a good bedside manner. The last thing I’d want from my doctor is for him to start insulting me to my face in Latin.


I really wish this was a parody of a Daily Mail headline:


I’m unhappy that they’re not going to carve it on a turd and then freeze it for posterity.


Indeed, or comparing my mental state to that of Rudolph Hess post 1941.


with the rise in global warming I believe the correct procedure would be to embalm & then varnish that turd


Fresh polling shows Britain doesn’t want a hard Brexit

the poll is weird though cos…

that ‘soft brexit’ there looks suspiciously like …well, remaining in the EU :thinking:

was this all an Obamacare/ACA failure of understanding from the get go?


also not a neutral* phrasing of the question.

*it is factually balanced but it is not politically neutral


“nobody will be happy about this. It is another part of the slicing away of traditions”

Brexiteer in never being satisfied shocker


Yeah, Daily Mail level bias in phrasing of the options. Stuff like this just plays into the ‘remoaners’ rhetoric.