New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


Public wants to have their cake and eat it shocker


Wait, someone’s giving out cake?


Yeah the phrasing isn’t particularly neutral although is probably factually correct. That said if you probe most folks on their reason to vote leave there will generally be some reference to a factually incorrect supposition about the EU.

It’s actually this that irritates me the most like why is Nigel Farage even pretending to care about the common agricultural policy to my knowledge he’s never actually presented a properly costed plan regarding how best to replace the EU Exports (supplied under the existing tariff laws).


It’ll be served in imperial unit portions of course




Green energy? Fuck, the EU really are history’s greatest monsters. We’re well rid of them clearly.


Can’t wait to use a vacuum cleaner with enough power to rip the carpet from the floor, in a room floodlit with 100W incandescent bulbs, with power from a coal-fired power station being staffed by someone who hasn’t had a break for the last 10 hours of their 19 hour shift.

And something about bananas too.


“doctors who…sleep undisturbed through their shift”

are these magical gumdrop doctors from the sugarplum land of make-believe? i work in a hospital and i don’t know a single doctor who gets enough sleep at home, never mind work.

something really surreal about shit merchant tabloid journos having the brass neck to question the integrity of the medical profession.


this has to be a really shit piece of satire. no way can they be this blatant about pushing for so much needless destruction. newts? vacuum cleaners? fucking lightbulbs? arguing cleaner air is a bad thing? are we really at this level already?


Interesting that they don’t approach Which? for a comment on the vacuum cleaner thing.

The magazine have welcomed the cap and have said that the innovation required to meet the new limit means that newer cleaners are better than the older ones.


Looking forward to being able to swim in the sea with shit and syringes again.


Also, great crested newts were designated a protected species in Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which completely predates EU legislation.

(It’s really not a major issue on development sites)

But as has been pointed out before, anyone who voted for Brexit and didn’t think that it would become a huge landgrab by the anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-welfare right-wing is utterly deluding themselves.




Written by Michael Gove’s wife, because obviously


Incredibly, the content (“content”) of the article is even worse than the headline suggests.


Oh wow

Can we just have a revolution now?


Our great grandchildren living in their anarcho syndicalist utopias in the future will view us the way we view the Salem witch trials won’t they. “Can you believe they let people like the Tories be in charge of things?”


Rhodri Philipps, the 4th Viscount St Davids, wore a tweed gilet over a navy suit as he appeared at Westminster magistrates court

Yet if we were to have him murdered by the Yardies, they would say we were the criminals.


one of my friends just got a job with the overnment-gay advising on exit-bray

I’ve told him to tell them it’s a bad idea and not to do it


Is it basically inevitable at this stage that the economy will be worse after we leave at this stage? Fucking terrified