New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


It will be if you have that attitude…


Asked on Question Time if the UK would be poorer after Brexit, Labour’s Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner says “absolutely”.

“You do not pursue free trade with the world by leaving the largest free trade bloc in the world, which is the European Union… The Labour Party will leave the European Union because we respect the democratic mandate of the British people. But be clear equally that when we do, we will be doing it for political reasons, not economic reasons.”

So everyone knows full well it’s a shit show but because people are thick and don’t understand how democracy works we’ve got to go through with it for reasons.

Imagine if anything else in the world was run like that, so wilfully self-destructive.


This is the bit that winds me up the most about it. The majority of your politicians there and the folk who know what they’re talking about think its a fucking daft idea but ‘Will Of The People’ and all that, we wouldn’t want to annoy slightly more than half of folk who voted so let’s wave it through and crack on with it anyway. Absolute madness.

I’m not sure there will ever be a day where I don’t think this is fucking stupid.


still getting those moments every now and again where I feel like it’s a dream… we’re actually doing this. fuck.

literally the stupidest thing anyone’s ever done.


It is an incredibly stupid thing. It’s going to be taught in history books as an example of why referenda don’t work, and as a turning point in our nation’s history for all the wrong reasons. On a more personal level, it just lets you know (A) the level of bigotry and small-mindedness that can hide in a liberal country, and (B) the contempt with which politicians can service their ideologies. Everything about it stinks. The thing that gets me most is that the supposed ‘will of the people’ is being enacted on a majority of 4% of turnout! It’s insane! I can’t even express it.

Edit - this is basically the step before just typing an incoherent scream, so apologies.


I think the history books will use this as a case study in books with names like “The ‘Free’ Press” and “The Free Press That Cost The Earth” etc. etc. etc.


yeah I’ve decided I want to become a secondary school politics/ social science teacher largely as a result of Brexit and what you say there.


when I get depressed about this I try to remember that in the cosmic scheme of things our country and our lives don’t mean shit. Thankfully there’s a limited amount of suffering any human can experience before they die.


sorry I should have said countries if that matters


our lives don’t mean shit.

compared to what? most of space is a vacuum. even just being a small number doesn’t make a population meaningless. by that logic, surely small minorities or, say, indigenous populations would be insignificant in the scheme of things.


That’s awesome, the system needs more good people. Change can only come from within.


everyone deserves the best chance at happiness during their lives but at the very least in the worst case you will eventually be dead and nobody will remember you anyway.


there is recorded history going back thousands of years… basically everything we do now is put into documentary sources. these words I’m typing right now.


doubt anything posted on DiS will be accessible in 50 years let alone a few hundred though. Also who is going to search for it amongst the billions of others?

I imagine our lives will be completely trivialised once the concept of privacy is eliminated and we all have access to live feeds of anyone else’s house 24/7. By that point nobody will mind so I guess we’ll become some kind of constantly reacting meme driven hive-mind.


Thanks for telling us our lives are meaningless, much appreciated.


it’s not a qualitative judgement on you and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing


why would it not be accessible? who is going to search for it… well why would anyone search for anything? historians look at far far more obscure things.


We are living in arguably the most extraordinary period in our nation’s history since the second world war - there is going to be enormous levels of interest from historians in decades and centuries to come. Trust me when I say that historians will find the vault that is the Internet to be an absolute goldmine to investigate.


would be interesting to know the percentage of say pre-2000 internet that’s still available and the percentage of overall web traffic that visits those pages.

There might be a point where web hosting is free but I think it still costs monthly to host a website? Someone will decide it costs too much to continue to host an inactive community, best you can hope for is then that someone archives everything offline (no idea the size of this - again would be an interesting thing to find out) and the pc isn’t thrown out or broken.

Also then we’re assuming that our civilisation will last hundreds or thousands of years with the internet intact as I imagine the vast majority of everyone’s online presence doesn’t have even a paper copy and paper degrades pretty fast right?


I dont know if this was meant to be directed at me… I don’t need to trust you, I was saying the same thing.