New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)


do you really think in 50 years or so we won’t have more sophisticated ways of archiving the internet?

I agree, the main question is whether humans will survive the next few hundred years. at the moment I am doubtful.


Sorry, no it wasn’t directed at you - I replied in the wrong place (it’s been a long day…). It was meant in support of the point you made.


I’m not sure, apparently we are reaching a point of diminishing returns for shrinking microchips so it’s possible we will see the pace of technology slow soon.


Humans will survive. How many will survive I don’t know. That’s the harrowing thing, the financial elite are a tiny fraction of the world population and them surviving some terrible things is plausible but the suffering elsewhere could be unimaginable

Sorry, bit dark


but it’s important to think about it. parts of the world will soon be uninhabitable and there are really fundamental ethical and political issues about what our collective responsilbities to the people who live there now will be. we cant really not talk about climate justice because it’s so scary and apocalyptic.


Absolutely the migration effects of climate change could make the current refugee situation in the Mediterranean look like nothing


yeah I mean there are about 60 million displaced people rn anyway - we just don’t necessarily realise most of them never even attempt to reach Europe. climate refugees aren’t necessarily covered by the refugee convention either and there is a massive normative gap in international law to cope with this when it happens :confused:


and refused to stand in the dock when addressed as Mr St Davids, only rising when addressed as Lord St Davids.



So Hague has called for May to adopt Labour’s suggestion of a cross party commission for Brexit and Gove has said that they must obtain “maximum possible consensus”.

Too soon for optimism?


Hm. Labour need to be careful here. Brexit is going to be a clusterfuck and tying themselves to it could have serious blowback.


yeah I would guess this is a deliberate tory ploy of trying to drag labour into their net of shit so they can spend the next 25 years blaming any outcome on them.


Yeah, it’s definitely at an attempt to spread blame, but it’s also Labour’s opportunity to extract compromises. Can’t shy away from the opportunity.

Also, whilst Boris Johnson is the most charismatic leadership figure in the party the Tories are always going to carry the worst of Brexit.


So do you think Labour should/will ultimately end up opposing Brexit? Be interesting to see how Corbyn plays that. He remains a Eurosceptic after all.


He’s skeptical of the EU as it stands, as anyone should be, really, but I don’t think he voted for Brexit in the referendum.

Prior to the election, given what the government had indicated about its priorities and its competence, I think that Labour would have come to the conclusion that a Tory-led Brexit or a ‘no deal’ was worse for the UK than Remain.


His voting record points to something a touch stronger than scepticism. I agree he’s got no desire for a Tory-led Brexit but I guess what I’m getting at is a) what would a Corbyn government (which can’t be ruled out now) do re: leaving the EU and b) what position on leaving the EU does a Corbyn opposition take? As far as I can see a) still = leaving the EU and b) still = leaving the EU so… what do people who think Brexit will be the single biggest policy mistake of our lifetimes do about it? Agitate for the softest of all Brexits?

None of this is a criticism of Corbyn, it’s just the Labour Party’s position on Brexit remains the same after June 9th as it did before - a bit difficult.


I have no idea how it could pan out - predicting what’s happening at the end of the week is difficult enough at the moment.

I don’t think Labour can realistically set out a position until the government have actually indicated what they want to do.

At the moment, their best tactic is to continue to press the government on the list of questions they tabled several months back, I think.


Aye - all true. I’ll allow myself half an hour of fun upon the EU revealing what they reckon of it all, before slipping back into fear.


Agree with this. The best approach is going to be to sit back and pick apart whatever the Tories end up doing for now.


Democracy is painful ehh !