New Brexit thread? (This is the new Brexit thread with added hysteria)



fuck why do people think we’re going to have access to the single market without freedom of movement, it’s just not going to happen.

It is amazing how no one knows what is going on about this. Tories just pulling out the jingoism at every stop.


posted in the election thread but more relevant here


I mean, this would be hilarious if it weren’t so…terrifying…right?


Iannucci’s gone too far now.


can we just… not turn up? throw a sickie.

this is literally madness. how do we explain this to our grandkids?


Cambridge Analytica. Children love conspiratorial shit and we will sidestep all responsibility.


If we don’t turn up then the EU win by a walkover and the Costa Del Sol becomes the de facto British State Semi-autonomous Enclave


Not if we’ve got a doctors note surely?


Jeremy Hunt says notes from the doctor have to be approved by Smithkline Beacham & undersigned by Richard Branson. The admin cost is £22,468 per person, each person in the U.K. requires a separate note & the waiting list is 6 years


Negotiations have begun!

Looking forward to the leaks


Wonder what the biscuit selection is like.


On the British side: Rich Teas (slightly out of date)
On the EU side: everything else


As long as someone’s put some wee selections of jam next to ours it’ll be reet.


If only Corbyn was invited to talks to show off his jam skillz. Barnier wouldn’t stand a chance!


EU: Der Schokoladenhobnob ist ein weit überbewertetes Keks


UK: We can be like Switzerland

This coming from the right wing of a country who chose to opt out of the EU themselves says something.


some really useful studies about the impact of Brexit. EU money well used etc.


The difference in openness and transparency between the EU27 and DExEU is astonishing.

I think they’re just hoping that the press will help them bluff their way through it and that the public doesn’t cotton on.