New British Sea Power album

They’re crowd funding for their next album. Never really sure about this stuff, but I do love BSP and it’s sad they’re struggling to release material.

For £1500 you can get a tattoo that gets you in to all future BSP gigs too. Winner.

don’t they always crowd fund?

sure the live sea of brass ones were

Did they? Dunno, maybe. Passed me by at the time. Is that why the multi CD disc version is hard to get hold of? Saw them do the live show and it was excellent.

yeah, think it pretty much sold out on pre order through that

cheers for alerting me to this one though
the tattoo idea is crazy, but with their fans it may well work!

that’s sure to be good

ah maybe, i’m sure they were still on Rough Trade for Machineries of Joy though.

noticed them putting the feelers out online first to ask how people felt about this crowdfunding idea and they seemed to get a very positive response, so fair play to them. i think people can trust them not to do an MV.