New Burial: Subtemple


Very dull, more like! (This works better when you say it out loud and sort of roll ‘very’ and ‘dull’ into one word)


Ehh, I quite like it. I think it’d have worked better in an album context though. As a divider between something a little ‘richer’. When it’s just 2 tracks… I mean, I don’t really see when or where I’d choose to listen to this.


Yeah, same here. I thought that Burial was gradually releasing a giant album of EPs, and he’d got halfway (Street Halo, Kindred, Truant, Rival Dealer, Young Death). I thought Young Death was the interlude/‘untitled’ track in the middle. But this release spanners that idea - what crazy maniac puts two interludes next to each other on an album?

Unless he’s releasing them on shuffle :thinking:


I want some of what this guy’s smoking


Barely a Twix and a half.


whatever, guys. I like this. like I said on the other thread, it makes me think of certain computer game soundtracks that are spare but incredibly atmospheric. the feeling of a physical space is tangible.


Yeah, cos there’s nothing going on in the tracks!

I respect your opinion


I listened to it sat between my speakers this morning, still feeling sleepy. very transportive <3


As I said in the other thread, I like it. However, I feel like Burial’s beat work is great and I miss it.

I’m interested how he’s experimenting at the moment. He’s been going more beatless of late, which is the direction of a certain London scene.

Is it the best ambient stuff I’ve ever heard? No. Is it interesting and have a place in the Burial discography. Totally.


It’s not bad, it just doesn’t do much for me. I said with the last 12" that it’s the kind of thing that needs to be explored in longer form. As relatively short, standalone tracks it ends up feeling pretty nothingy.


It has drums! Quite liking it, more in the vein of the albums.


gonna listen to this now, but mind you: after hearing the new Special Request tune, I feel like the part of me that needed a Burial fix has already been satiated.


now this leaves me feeling pretty nothingy. so dull and by numbers.


Yeah agreed. I mean… it’s fiiiiine. But I don’t really want to listen to Burial for ‘fiiiiine’.


I like it. Would work well on a mixtape or something, but I’m used to listening to more immersive stuff from him. His stuff works better as an album or long EP imo.

Edit - i realised I said the same thing upthread pretty much.


Anyone got tickets for his Village Underground gig next month?



Has Sound Forge just been patched to work in Windows 10 or something? Tunes ahoy from the lad!

Bit ravey and uptempo it seems, like it. Still tons of crackle :+1:


Not sure what to think of that first one but the second one sounds interesting. It’s FAR FAR away from the days of Untrue but you’ve got to respect the fact that he’s really experimenting.


Yeah, Beachfires > Subtemple in my imo too. Really liking that tune