New David Simon show 'The Deuce'


You gonna watch, aye?


i saw a trailer for this last night - yeah, I think so.


aye probably


sounds good apart from 2 x james franco


music is gonna be so lit - hope Simon uses the soundtrack in the same way as Shoe Me a Hero.




He can be okay sometimes. I’ll be watching, aye.


fucks sake.




things set in the 70s have a tendency to be a bit ‘look at the silly clothes, now here’s a string of really obvious 70s hits to remind you what decade this is set in’. remember how shit Vinyl definitely was (I didn’t watch it). I trust David Simon not to be good though


Cheese and D’Angelo! Anyone else from the wire?

Probs will watch it, really liked show me a hero


Malcolm Middleton has ftfy


Yeah it’s definitely a worry and the trailer has its share of that but show me a hero was still great even though it was full of 80s period detail



just watched the pilot and it’s amazing. so so good, in a wire kinda way


Is it online?


to torrent, yeah.


every david simon thing has a scene where a character says “this is america”


Yep the pilot was fantastic. Definitely get that Wire-ish sense of fly on the wall realism, but very stylish at the same time (setting/context probably helps a lot with that). Some lovely little snippets of background music, as to be expected, and solid acting all round - props to Franco tbh, forgot I was watching James Franco fairly quickly. Playing “spot the Wire actors” was great fun as well. Top stuff, really looking forward to carrying on!


yep, Chris Partlow is in it

not a bad start - not sure it’s amazing - but definitely worth a go

look and feel so much like that horrible Vinyl show - i think it will pull away from that though

i’ve never really been into the one actor playing twins thing, but Franco did pretty well I think