New David Simon show 'The Deuce'

And Slim Charles had a minor bit in the pilot

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Ha ha, It’s either said angrily in an argument or solemnly to explain some behaviour.

Looking forward to this. Might get now TV to watch it or just torrent it I guess

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Watched ep 1 last night. It is heavily stylised in quite a cliche way (the title sequence made me cringe) but it is very good regardless. You get the sense he’s maybe had to make a couple of compromises to get it made (both franco and gyllenhaal are credited as execs) but otherwise all the good david simon stuff is present. Hoping it’ll get better as it goes too.

The young girl who was also in show me a hero is really good, glad she’s back.

Wasn’t that good?

Already enjoying the very David Simon shades of grey. Also found it very interesting that it didn’t dive right in to the porn world at all, curious as to how that will develop over the season. Clearly it’s gonna get much much darker but looks like there’ll be some levity in there too. Already got a good feel for the characters, and even James Franco wasn’t annoying!

All those prosthetic willies look ridiculous.

Method Man’s wig was 10/10

haha the cocks were like Nicholson in The Departed

Just watched the second and third episodes, I’m completely enamoured by this show.

It’s so wonderfully paced, every scene has room to breathe but it’s never boring even though there haven’t really been any set piece moments thus far. The way the characters are slowly entering each other’s orbit is really enjoyable and I’m having fun imagining how they’re going to interact. New York City is an ace setting too, you get a great feel for the time period.

James Franco is surprisingly good in this, he really comes in to his own in the second and third episodes and I like how they’re playing around with shooting the twin stuff (Vince having a line of Frankie’s fist was good). Favourite characters so far are Maggie Gyllenhaal and Darlene.

Only issue so far is the college dropout, she doesn’t look anywhere near 19 and she’s quite irritating. Also found it hard to follow Frank Sobotka’s plot line, but I have faith all these things will be resolved.

feel bad about it but just not sure i cba with this

Watched the first two last night and loved it but I agree with

The last scene I saw was when she was running late for class. She looked neutral, then confused, then slightly more confused, then slightly less confused and then back to neutral in what should have been a monumental moment in her life. Come on, put some fucking effort in ffs.

‘Daddies, husbands, pimps, they’re all the same’

Bloody hell fuckos, this show is spectacular. I think that was the best episode yet. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance is one of the finest I think I have ever seen on television. Her and Method Man both brought their A game to that scene, I didn’t realise he could be so great either.

The richness of every scene is astounding, the acting, the pace, the shots, the costumes, the music, and of course, the writing. Everything is coming together brilliantly. Quite enjoyed Daphne just using her trip home as an opportunity to recruit more ‘models’. Take that Abby!

Been torrenting but think I might buy the bluray when it’s out so they keep making the show.

bluray doesn’t count for shit man, gotta get them sweet legit view counts

Yeah I’m loving this so far.

Two things:

Is there going to be a point of there being 2 James Francos in it at some point d’you reckon? Frankie’s character isn’t fleshed out at all other than being ‘Vinnie’s pain in the ass brother’. Ok so far but it’s not really bringing much to the table.

The actress who plays Abby is 37 years old.

You’d think as a mature student she’d be taking her studies more seriously.

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“We’re gonna call it a masterbatorium”
“you know, so they can jerk off in there”

This is really good now.

Yeah, I posted that in the TV thread. Didn’t think he had it in him.

Season 2 started last night. Just watched and it’s STILL GOOD + looks like it might feature some rad trade union action from from Abby :slight_smile:

Need to go back to this. Think I watched the first two or three but missed the rest.

Not for me Clive