New DiS does Lisbon (again!)

So yes, there’s already a thread on it from last October, smartarses, but thought I’d ask again since others will have been and there’s a few new users since then

Places to eat/things to see/do in Lisbon please?

Has anyone been to Fiera Da Ladra? Is it worth going if we have time or a pile of rubbish?

Also, can anyone explain why DiS thinks this topic is similar to “The Im_on_a_diet losing weight thread” and not “Tell me about Lisbon?”

catch the train to Spain as soon as you touch down at the airport


Take your motorbike for a spin around Estoril

Frankly, I would absolutely love to visit Estoril. Sadly, I doubt Mrs czuk would be up for it :frowning:

Largest casino in Europe. What more could you want?

I was actually thinking of here Circuito do Estoril - Circuito Estoril | Portugal

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alright. i’m going in october, luckily ryanfuckingair haven’t cancelled my flight. yet. been before though innit.

go to the castle grounds, views are good
barrio alto is great for beers and food if you’re into that kind of thing. time out market was good too
eat custard tarts, drink that cherry drink thing
use the best toilet in the world
buy hashish of those nice street men
people say go on tram 28, i wouldn’t as i was just stood nose to armpit against some jose the whole time

overall would go again/ 10. it’s why i am.

if you see me, say hello

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Cause after call the delicious tiny custards and one euro beers you’ll be a fat fuck


There’s an amazing Mozambique restaurant called roda viva, find it and eat everything

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Pasteis de Belem is a tourist trap, avoid it. Manteigaria in the edge of Bairro Alto is cheaper, less horrible and does nicer pasteis de nata.

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If you’re thinking of going to both Cascais to see the Paula Rego gallery and Belem, I think you could probably do them both in the same day to save time.

I quite liked walking around here in Cascais as the sun was going down,+Portugal/@38.690513,-9.4370136,15.67z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0xd19331a61e4f33b:0x400ebbde49036d0!8m2!3d38.7222524!4d-9.1393366

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Tourist trap it may well be but I cannot fathom how their Pasteis can be topped. I mean literally every single element of them is perfection. But yeah if you can get ones that are at that level of quality without having to go to that place then do it.

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Best restaurant we ate at was this one I think Taberna Rua das Flores | Lisboa Cool

Menu changes daily and is all written on a chalk board on the wall. I absolutely loved it.

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I might think differently if I’d had to queue when they, but they were loooooooooooooovely and only like a euro or something. I did nearly choke myself inhaling the cinnamon, I can’t really blame that on them though.

Cheers all - appreciated so far, keep it coming :slight_smile:

just looked up my faveourite restaurant (was only a chicken and chips place) and it has closed :confused:

Was it Nando’s?


This is all very interesting.

Although when you say ‘brought back’ did you mean brought them back home? Not gonna take the judgement on those if they haven’t been eaten on day of purchase I’m afraid.

I went to a pretty great indie bar in Lisbon in the summer of 2014 where the DJ decided to play Disintegration in full, had the best time and got pretty drunk and I don’t know the name of the place or where it was.

This isn’t helpful

I’m sorry


Actually, my new boss is from around Lisbon, would you like me to ask them?

(I’ve no idea what their tastes are apart from lego)