New DiS is nearly one!

At least, it says it’s the one year anniversary of me joining new DiS today, so the proper day can’t be far behind.

How are we doing? Do you miss the old boards? I DON’T. Think we’re all a bit nicer here. I like the emojis and pictures and polls and that.

:+1: from me.


stats pls

it’s on the 7th some clever clogs worked out. gonna need the yearly stats, @sean

@laelfy is organising a party

It’s the seventh as new DiS shares a birthday with my Mummy.

It’s different

A lot of its better and some of it is worse. Maybe that’s just me

What’s worse?

users with most posts:

You asked what’s worse and then answered your own question :wink:


An AQOS party!


weird, thought it was much older than that.

It’s much improved, only nice people seem to post here now.

Maybe not on the music board though, fuck knows what goes on there.

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@Aggpass do you feel you could have used those 58 days of the last three hundred and sixty five any differently?


you used to be cool!

It worrying when you think you spend a lot of time on here and then you see stats like this…

You’re about the same cheif

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will it be @epimer or @Jeremys_Iron who will be first to read 300k posts?

If it all kicks off in the board game thread at any point, I’d stick a tenner on me.

Or if I get in the head and develop a sudden interest in football.

I’ve absolutely shattered that mark.

New DiS is totally Penge! :call_me_hand:t2: