New DiS is nearly one!

Mate, don’t be harsh. 5 of them are alright imo

basically the same as the people with the most posts


if you work out likes per post you might feel better

i’m right below xylo :’(

Okay, stats part 1:

Top Referred Topics (Last 30 Days) Clicks
How many sources should you include in a dissertation? 848
Raw Halloumi - yay or nay? 423
How do you pronounce Josh Homme's surname? 306
Top 40 Richard Madeley quotes 230
Game of Thrones - Season 7 thread 191
Matt Oberst of Sorry About Dresen has died 189
Walkers STAX - fucking twats! 171
Digital Blackface 164
Twin Peaks (Rolling) BE CAREFUL WITH SPOILERS 145
The Beach Boys 144

Stats part 2


Bigtime referrers take your bows:


What have I done to refer anyone!?


You need a big one like me (I also used F11 for full screen)


what’s a referrer

The one that gives out the yellow cards etc


Honestly I have no idea what this is meaning. I think it means we’ve posted links to threads within threads? But then I got a badge the other day for most numbers of people clicking a link in my post who weren’t members (or something like that) so who really knows?

Well, you should really Theobald…

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Not me, I didn’t write this site.


There you go @Icarus-Smicarus

So I think it’s because we’ve grabbed a link to a post like I have here and:
Your username is in the URL so if that link is shared elsewhere you get credited. I’m guessing if people are pulling that link out of a post here then it will still have your name against it?



Well I’m sorry for doing my best to give you all stats and you all just throw it in my face.

it’s just something I tell myself, not something I do, sorry should’ve said that

Sorry, friend. What I meant was:


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2 of the top 10, do I get somesort of reward?

I would like a full investigation into these “referrers” to find out exactly what they’re doing with our content and what their aims are.