NEW DiS RAFFLE: But is it even legal?

particularly this

Who can I sell tickets to?

Members of your private society. You can also sell tickets to people who aren’t members of your society. However, non-members can only buy tickets on your society’s physical premises. For example, at a club house.

Ticket requirements

You must provide physical tickets to the people playing. However, there are no specific requirements for what needs to be printed on the tickets.

You must make sure that:

  • people pay the same price for each ticket
  • the rights created by the ticket are non-transferable
  • you only sell physical tickets, you can’t sell tickets online.

my (strictly non-professional) advice would be for people to just give private donations to Dis/Sean and, if possible, for a summary of the site’s finances to be shared so members know whether to up their donations/how out of pocket Sean is

If the logistics of a lottery are the issue (ie there’s an element of chance / gambling), could the process be turned into an auction instead? Dissers list their prizes, then there’s blind bidding for a certain length of time. I guess people might feel hurt if their prize doesn’t attract bids, but if everyone went into it in the right spirit, it could work?


A hardship raffle presumably meant that the funds raised were for an individuals needing financial assistance and what they need the money for wasn’t an issue.
Do another one of those and if an individual needed a sum for a good reason thats okay too?
We might be overthinking this, dunno.

DiSers, overthinkers? Why I never


It’s only for site members right, not open to the public/facebookers?

Just same as the hardship raffle I reckon.
Blow this thread, stick it in serious matters so only members are savvy.
Jobs a good un

How about you do what all the daytime TV shows do with their giveaways - even though you only get a chance of winning, which feels like a lottery, it technically isn’t because you have to answer a question to be entered. Not a game of chance, a game of skill!

What is the capital of France? A) Paris B) Scunthorpe C) A teapot


yeah, just stick it in the members’ lounge. anyone caught grassing it up to the taxman gets 50 eggs thrown at their house and a 6 month ban.

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It’ll make winning even sweeter if I know my prize is contraband.


This. I’m more likely to take part if it’s illegal.


Special fundraising AQOS where all scores above zero get entered into the draw


You are much more forgiving than I am. MUCH.

just crack on and if it turns out to be illegal pin all the blame on the scandinavian imo


Yeah, you have to be a registered user to partake.

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Yeah, you’re definitely not a lawyer



next one to score wins

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Was planning to plough on with my sweepstake and plead ignorance but guess I cant now.

Having a look i dont think it can be easily done as the potential exemptions dont really apply

  • incidental lottery - looks to need to be linked to a physical event
  • private society lottery - dont think DiS is an established society under the rules.

But happy to be proven wrong.

Just get everyone to write “am no a grass” on a piece of paper and take a selfie with it