New DiS Review (new users and lurkers please contribute)

So how are we doing?

Are we more welcoming than previous incarnations?

Less laddish?

Less cliquey?


Polls might help.

Probably worse in all possible ways, apart from the site being less broken.


Preferred the earlier stuff.

The social board is welcoming.

1 Strongly Agree
2 Agree
3 Disagree
4 Strongly Disagree

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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Sorry, what are the options?

So how are we doing? fine thanks

Are we more welcoming than previous incarnations? probably not

Less laddish? :thumbsup:

Less cliquey? probably not

Etc? always

Polls might help yes they do

I prefer these boards

No Royter, no problem.

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it seems less laddish yet somehow more blokey/sausagefesty I dunno


All the new users have PM’d me saying they’re very offput by people using french words unecessarily in the cycling thread and that if that thread was deleted they’d post more.

They also want to bring back the quiz

For people who read and don’t post or don’t post often.

What would inspire you to post or post more than you currently do?

  • A friendlier atmosphere
  • A less cliquey atmosphere
  • More interesting threads
  • Nothing, I’m happy just reading and not posting
  • Nothing, I’m happy just reading and only posting occasionally

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No strong feelings either way. I miss ‘this’s’ though.


When did you last visit the old site?

  • Not since the new boards went live
  • Once or twice since then, sheerly out of morbid curiosity
  • I am a regular visitor to the music website drowned in sound dot com

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wait, I clicked on that for bants - can we do a new one?

No, stop fucking about.

We moved boards just as the old ones got good. A real shame.

we need GB and DD back :frowning2:


Theo is posting as @1101010


Not that I posted all that much before the move over, but I haven’t noticed any huge changes. People are generally nice but things can go tits up very fast. It’s a lot friendlier than a lot of other internet forums, but that really isn’t saying much.

Granted the most recent weekend football thread was a complete fucking car crash, hopefully that was just a one off.

I think the boards seem cliquier than they actually are, and generally new posters are welcomed provided they’re not filling the music board with copy + paste JAGs and the like.

All in all, it’s a good place!


Hi! First-time poster, long-time lurker here:

In answer to your questions: maybe?

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