New DiS Review (new users and lurkers please contribute)




After further consideration I think it’s the dual effect of avatars making the place look more male + 3 or 4 prominent non-male posters no longer being here/posting a lot less

Or maybe it’s just a perception bias on my part, dunno


@_Em is in Japan I think.


Apologies, not sure what the question is.


They’re both on here. Is this a wolfcastle?


No, you’re right:

With the exception of @AllOfThemWitches appearing in the monthly and quarterly stats, the top 10s (sorted by likes received) are exclusively male.


Just havent been posting


Always wondered if I was the crown prince of lurking. And now we know…


Left for a few months then came back. Glad i did. This place is good.


I prefer the text format of the old place

(and when we were all rude to each other and talked about poo and stuff).


so do you sit or stand to wipe?


A lot of good users seem to be posting less, what’s going on, have they ascended to another board, has the lounge reopened?


Maybe the bad ones are posting more?


I know I am


I post a lot more on the new forum. Previously I was mainly a lurker. I’ve probably posted more in 6 months than I did in the previous 10 years. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Everyone does seem friendlier and less cliquey which was partly why I didn’t post much before.


way to kick us while we’re down, man :expressionless:


Couldn’t give a toss


UniLAD likers with Spotify Premium accounts


I post less than on the old forum but that’s because a) I am not an office worker so cannot be contributing throughout the day; b) I am not an office worker so cannot contribute to office worker-centric threads; c) I am single so cannot contribute to thinly-veiled-centric threads; and d) I do not like dogs, cycling or gaming, so do not contribute to these threads. i read the politics threads constantly, but try not to post in them because i literally don’t have the time to argue with a hivemind of tenacious angry men :information_desk_person:

but it is a nicer and more friendly atmosphere than on the old forum and it’s easier to distinguish between usernames. polls and pictures are good. and the fact that several new users have managed to integrate pretty quickly/enthusiastically suggests it’s less cliquey :thumbsup:


Dunno but I miss @ohgood