New DiS Review (new users and lurkers please contribute)


Have graduated from lurking to posts-occasionally-while-lurking since the change over.

In general seems more friendly. think the layout means i worry less about posting something moronic because i won’t have to scroll past it now.

Agree about the male skew being a bit of a problem. Also there are certain forms of really blokey trolling that tend to dissuade newbies from posting.


Definitely stand (I don’t actually know how you’re supposed to reach your arse and wipe while sitting on the bowl, with your legs in the way… maybe I was never sufficiently potty trained).

Ultimately I’d rather use a bidet if available.


and about 48 of the top 50








Love this.


This is now the cycling thread


Also I miss being able to hover over the thread title and read the first few lines of the thread.


I still do this anyway… a mixture of habit and wishful thing I guess


Yeah, I think I agree with you here.

Also still super cliquey with a ridiculous number of in-jokes and purposeful irking.



some of them are great, right, but then I think “christ, think of a new person reading all this absolute nonsense” and then I shudder at us all just basically eating ourselves


I have definitely enjoyed the reshuffle of dominant posters here, with concessions still made for the veteran grandpa’s


where the hell is @sean


Think we’re largely a nice bunch of people who are mostly nice to each other and nice to new folks tbh, the new boards are nice with a lot of nice new functionality


You should ban the shit out of that niknak.


Get fucked nobstick.


I occasionally look at a board which also uses Discourse and the way they go about moderating stuff is hilarious – any slight veer off-topic and a new topic is created, people told to pipe down, etc etc. It’s quite funny.


Inevitable when a small group of people interact as often as we do


Are there any decent discourse boards about? Does my login work on them and will they know who I am?