new discoveries that you should have heard years ago

i’m sure some variation of this already exists but i couldn’t find one, so … here we are

basically any band/album that you discovered recently, but which you really should have known about and been into years ago. Not talking about famous bands, just small bands that fit your taste perfectly, but somehow slipped under your radar

inspired by listening to this album on a friend’s recommendation. Mid 00s Canadian indie synth stuff, somewhat like Tokyo Police Club but with some elements that make me think of someone like The Microphones too? How didn’t I know about this when I was 16??

Artists I’ve listened to for the first time in 2021 and got completely obsessed with for a period of time

Built to spill
Jason Molina

Dunno if its a hot take but I think I prefer the Magnolia Electric Co. sound to the songs: Ohia stuff generally. All of its really good though



just bang on for me. have also seen (and enjoyed) verity susman play but never hunted her bands down.


Violeta Parra

She was amazing. Was already into victor jara but she’s better


oh and also the durutti column

feel less bad for letting this pass me by, but the guitar playing is so so beautiful.


Have a bunch of these coming over the next few days, but I’ll start off with These Arms Are Snakes. I’d heard the name before but for some reason had gotten them confused with / thought they were some third tier Warped Tour band, but wow was that not the case.

Discovered them a couple months ago through Music League (thanks @Woodchuck), gave Oxeneers a shot, and it immediately became one of my few favorite albums of 2004 and an instant classic. This is a terrible description (especially since they predate one of the bands I’m about to mention), but it’s almost like elements of Brand New, At the Drive-In, Unwound, and Tool all got mixed together and repurposed into something completely different. Love albums that just feel like they have an overarching theme or narrative regardless of if they actually do, and where each song is an actual event in itself. Love all the moments where they lock in and ratchet up the tension before exploding.

Can’t believe I’d been missing out for 17 years, really excited to try another one of theirs in a few months.


@JaguarPirate oh wowww, I loved that Black Bear album! I heard it either via this place or via a livejournal indie group (lol). I remember looking for info about the artist at the time but found basically nothing, not even if they had ever done anything else. Good work your friend.

Big one of these for me at the moment is that Life Without Buildings album. I probably did listen to it at some point before the last two months but all the Tiktok stuff made me spend some proper time with it. Really is that good.

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This is one of my records of the year. Love it.

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Love this;

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Just bothered with Jefferson Airplane for the first time. So good


Got well into these cats when I was 15 because they were on the soundtrack to the film Juno and I found Surrealistic Pillow for about £1 in venerable last man standing of the British high street CEX. Remember my dad being all like “I actually remember these from the 60s and they were crap” shut up old man, you square.

Jefferson Airplane fact! One of the people split and started his own outfit called Jefferson Starship, then one of that band split and started their own band called Starship, and that’s where we get crap 50th birthday at the local Labour club staple We Built This City On Rock And Roll from.


Not a recent discovery but I only discovered The Minutemen in my mid twenties. If I’d found them in my teens I would have been obsessed


Been getting into the various works of Devin Townsend last couple of weeks, never really heard of him before. Such a huge back catalogue I love it when you find someone like that

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Fucking love that band. I’d say their next album, Easter, is even better

Excellent, I’m excited, I’ll give it a shot as soon as the weather starts changing a bit here. Love finding bands this good out of nowhere.

Junior Kimbrough.
I always knew like a track or two but have been spending some time with him of late, man he’s fucking great. :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to Violeta Parra recently too, picked up one of her records recently (I only knew ‘Volver a los 17’ before) and it’s amazing.

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Someone, maybe @Severed799, mentioned constantines in the trail of the dead thread.

They don’t sound one jot like trail of the dead but I am enjoying tournament of hearts a fair bit. More the first half of the album than the second, mind you.


Myself and @ChampionRabbit aye, I’d recommend shine a light and the self titled more though, personally