New EMA album

Well up for this


Her show at Ruby Lounge, Manchester in 2015 (?) was unforgettable. Not just cos she soaked a POS heckler, but the performance was just so fierce and tight.

Love those first two albums.

Loved the two previous albums. New song is good, though the lyrics are a bit on the nose.

Out in late August?! Argh.

Evil Mean Adams?

It’s all the way in October but I’ve got myself a ticket for her show at Hackney Oslo. She’s been brilliant they last few times I’ve seen her.

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My body is ready

Thanks for this thread - I just bought Glasgow tickets.

liked the first two tracks on the album, but the next few weren’t nearly as interesting. may have to head back to it.

I really like the new album, though not sure about the spoken word final track

I liked it as a closer.

I still feel like the album peaks with Breathalyzer and everything after feels slightly underdone. Not bad, just doesn’t hit the same high (no pun intended)

Lovely stuff - the album was one of my absolute favourites of the year so excited to hear anything that came from the same sessions.

Also, she’s just landed the support gig for Depeche Mode’s European tour which is a massive gig :+1:

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