New favourite things


really into these at the moment


what have you recently discovered? doesn’t have to be food



Gets a million likes


Iferror index match instead of a vlookup


Really mad into raindrops on roses at the moment. Whiskers on kittens too actually.


Not a big crisp fan but these are great


Really into my sunnies and shorties and muller corners


I quite like those. I have some M&S versions of them which are also good.


Also the dark choc and orange ones

Mozzas out here killing the rice cake game


Oh they look good! Would eat


Lanark Artefax is my new favourite band. Or rather they’re my favourite new band, which changes regularly (as bands get usurped, or are no longer new). He supported Bjork last weekend, and his sound is basically the Trentemoller remix of Windowlicker, but with original tracks rather than being remixes.


The sweet chilli ones were the only ones that I liked. I think my perception of them was tainted by the fact that supermarkets would have them in the low salt / low fun section of the snack aisle.


I keep banging on about these but they’re the tits:


The cheese and caramelised red onion ones are my favourite, reckon they don’t belong in the no fun section, there is a lot of sugar in them



Ah, yes. Clive gets those from the Co-op.



Anyone on my team using a vlookup rather than index match is going through some serious re-education…


even though I’ve left my spreadsheet days behind, kinda want to know what this is


Imagine a vlookup that is a bit easier to QC and troubleshoot. And then be thankful that you don’t need to care about such things.


sounds good actually, kinda hated vlookup