New Fever Ray?

When I got bullied at school my worst nightmare was my folks getting involved. If my mum had written a song about it I’d have died


Did the same yesterday with Plunge. Sometimes you just need that next album to put things in perspective. Like you though I always liked it but it was so drastically different from the debut without being better, couldn’t rate it above 7/10 for a long time (though realistically it was more like 7.5). Initially felt like the new album was an improvement but now turns out they may be equal.

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can’t remember if it was the Quietus review or something else, but one reviewer suggested the long ambient track was the centrepiece, and I actually agree

pretty sure it was the Quietus one. either way, I found that review so good for priming myself/opening myself up to really connect with the particular sound and vibe of the album

this Fact review is similarly evocative

my go-to tune when I feel the urge is ‘Raging Lung’. had a double-take just now when I saw it was almost exactly ten minutes long. it’s so immersive it makes me wish it wouldn’t end


can’t imagine what it’d be like if Karin was my mum

would probs rather they didn’t, but idk

guess it depends if your mum is a radical/transgressive/iconoclastic artist nonpareil or not

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She is


bottom of the ocean:

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Karin might, I think, be the coolest person to have ever existed. Fucking love this album


Also Plunge was spectacular and I won’t accept any other opinions


Closing a song by repeatedly shouting “this country makes it hard to fuck”>>>>>>


I thought it was actively awful and i like avant garde/experimental music. Felt like meandering over thought bollocks. I also love fever ray and the knife.

Just a massive L for me

This album is Good Music imho

Don’t even like the knife either

Well you clearly do, half of this sounds exactly like the knife


Seems unlikely

Yeah a lot of this album really sounds like an updated version of The Knife’s old sound to me/the comeback synth pop album they could make but never would. With more modern production and more in line with left field pop of the minute. Part of the reason I like it so much.


He isn’t wrong.


Never am

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/checks ass eating thread/

Schitts Creek Yes GIF by CBC


I might have posted this the other day, but it’s impossible to know without checking. I listened to STH again the other day. What an incredible album it it. I do have to skip the noise sections most of the time, but kinda see their purpose. The songs, though are utterly masterful, creeping and just keep on making their case.


Never listened to them, so how would I know